Month: October 2019

Hair Loss Risk Factors

There are many risks of hair loss and some complications. If people have one of these risk factors, they need to take immediate action. Genetic causes, age factors, women’s menopause, excessive stress, anemia, unhealthy diet, fungal head fungus carry a great risk of hair loss. Treatment is essential to minimize such risk factors. Genetic The …

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Hair Loss Symptoms

The most important symptom of hair loss is the gradual withdrawal of the temples. If the withdrawal in the temples is noticeable, a doctor should be consulted and early measures should be taken. Another symptom of hair loss is the slow growth of hair. Hair that grows later is the type of hair that tends …

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Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is generally more common. In men, openings on the forehead give signs in the figure. This situation is also encountered in women as well as men. In the middle part of the hair of women more often occurs shedding. Of course, this then expands and covers all of our hair. The …

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History of Hair Transplant

Hair has been considered as a significant stylish incentive for human in each age and has consistently been a significant idea. In this way, different strategies have been attempted since the commencement to anticipate male pattern baldness and hair sparseness. The main hair transplantation in history was done in 1822 by Diegonbach. Throughout the entire …

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