7 wonders of no-scalpel pleasantness

Non-Surgical Face and Body Lift: The highly focused ultrasound system working with sound waves provides the opportunity to tighten both the face and the body at the same time. Now, in situations that do not require surgery, the high-focus ultrasound system collects sagging skin tissues. This application, which targets the deep layers of the skin (dermis) and the binding layer (SMAS) in the middle of the skin and muscle, stimulates collagen production by creating heat in these areas, tightens and lifts the skin. While very successful results are obtained in lifting the neck, chin, jowl and eyebrows on the face, the same success is achieved in the body, in the sagging problems in the arms and inside the legs, in the abdomen and décolleté areas. A visible smoothing of 25% is achieved quickly after the process, the main effects are visible after 3 months, and a permanence of 2 years is achieved in this one-session process.

Salmon DNA Vaccine: This method, which is based on the combination of polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid molecules, which are the natural elements of the body in salmon DNA, is a 4-session application applied for 15 days with medium. Collagen and elastin break down in the skin, which is deteriorated by the effect of age and negative environmental factors, and a decrease in hyaluronic acid occurs, and therefore the skin takes on a more matte and wrinkled appearance. With the Salmon DNA Vaccine application, the skin structure is strengthened, tightened, its moisture is increased and wrinkles are reduced. With this method, which is applied with a needle or cannula on the skin anesthetized with local anesthetic cream, a healthy-looking smooth and brighter skin appears on the face, neck, neck and hands.

Fractional Skin Needling Methods: With the needling method applied to the skin at different depths with a special device formula, it provides to deliver the treatment works that are needed by the skin to the dermis, and it provides the treatment of problems such as skin rejuvenation, smoothing of the skin surface, fine lines, acne scars, spot treatment with minimal epidermal damage. It offers an effective treatment option in the elimination of It is possible to achieve permanent results in this way, which is applied in 4 or 6 sessions depending on the reason for the application.

Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics: Due to the loss of elasticity in the eyelid, drooping and fine lines around the eyes cause the expression of the face to look more tired. This problem, which could be treated with direct surgery before, can be eliminated in a few sessions with plasma application. Completing the treatment without damaging the surrounding tissues provides us with the chance to have a wrinkle-free and droopy eyelid appearance without surgery, with the application performed under local anesthesia for a few sessions, without the risk of complications.

Growth Factors: Growth factor technology was originally discovered with the goal of wound healing and cell regeneration in 3rd degree burns. For this, a healthy skin biopsy is taken from the person and fibroblasts are isolated in special tissue laboratories. Growth factors are produced from cells by special processes and purified and applied to the skin layer or injured part. The injured area quickly heals with almost no scarring. Growth factors prepared by these special methods, used together or separately in many non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures, provide successful results for many reasons such as reducing wrinkles and lines, strengthening the skin, increasing its elasticity, and preventing hair loss.

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