A miracle! Hijama treatment

The best cupping treatment is the cupping treatment done before getting sick. Hijama treatment is a cure for every anxiety: Forgetfulness, distraction, irritability, madness, madness, depression, border, mental gloom, leprosy, vitiligo (pixel disease), eye, night blindness, ear, tinnitus, infertility, sugar, blood pressure, etc. It is a cure for all diseases except Mevt. 3 basic 13 points on the head; 7 bases around 20 points on the back; There are a total of 13 points, 5 of which are basic, on the feet and calves.

There are approximately 40 hijama treatment points in total. Boundaries stimulated at every point are suitable for beautifying various ailments. The hadith is an example of this. Currently, the Islamic world applies cupping therapy and leech therapy in line with these hadiths. These points, called C-7, covering the shoulders, head, shoulder blades and heart level, waist and tailbone, and ankles, are the places recommended by scientists around the world for cupping treatment. Because these 7 regions are the places where wastes are collected in the body, and diseases are evident at these points.


Most forgetfulness is done to facilitate learning and memorization. For this reason, Qur’an hafizes and scholars would definitely be treated with hijama treatment from the beginning in the obvious interval. Very useful for cataracts, blood pressure, migraine, nasal diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, neurological mental diseases such as forgetfulness, mental problems, earache and ringing, headache and vertigo, wounds, eczema, herpes, psoriasis and hair loss, eye and eyelids. It treats many diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums.

It has been established that our Master the Prophet had blood drawn from his head in many places, and that he had blood drawn from other parts of his body when he was in need. This is exactly where we call the back of the head, the summit wheel and the garbage dump. Each of these has different benefits. In which cases is hijama not done? In very old and weak people, in people with heart failure, in people whose blood does not stop when a part of it is cut, in pregnants, in very bloodless individuals, in individuals with AIDS, in individuals with HIV, in individuals with very low blood pressure, in young children, in very sensitive and frightened individuals, it is recommended not to do bloody cupping, depending on the situation, bloodless cupping is applied.

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