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A New Face with Palomar Fractional Laser…

  • A New Face with Palomar Fractional Laser…

Skin aging is different from other organs. The skin ages not only internally, but also externally. The main difference that distinguishes the largest organ of your body, your skin, from other organs is that it is also open to external influences. Your heart, liver or lungs are unaware of the outside temperature or humidity changes. While the internal organs are not affected by whether the weather is rainy, snowy, windy, dry or humid, your skin remains in the middle of all these changes. It ages both internally and externally. Apart from your inner world, air pollution, factory fumes, industrial vapors, cigarettes and exhaust gases also affect your skin.

Studies show that 80-90% of skin problems due to aging are caused by environmental damage. Genetic factors and other internal factors are also valuable, but their strength does not exceed 20%. If you want to implement an active “aging slowing program”, you have to learn environmental aging and know how to prevent it. The question of how to prevent skin aging caused by environmental factors is the most important question that needs to be answered. You need to add sun protection measures, smoking and increasing your body’s antioxidant capacity to the subtitles of this question.

Well, can we do all these? Of course, the answer is No for many of us. At that time, skin aging is certain to occur dramatically, especially in the face area. At this point, the face needs to be refreshed. I would like to talk about a new laser technology that stands out among many regeneration techniques. Palomar Fractional Laser. A technology that rejuvenates the face without causing peeling. Fractional laser lights enter the skin from many points and do not cause any trauma to the surface of the skin. For this reason, it is different from all other laser technologies as it can be applied easily in summer and winter.

There is not much pain during the procedure, just a small needle prick that can be easily avoided. The other refreshing side of the job is that you can quickly return to your daily life after the process. In fact, the rejuvenation formula, based on the principle of self-renewal of the skin by exposing it to a heat source, has quite an ancient history. He describes how Turks in Central Asia tried to rejuvenate their faces with candlelight. Laser beams also work on this principle. Carbon dioxide and Erbium lasers have been used for years with the aim of skin rejuvenation. However, although these two types of lasers give successful results, they cause the patient to walk around with a skin that is too red to go out in public for a while (carbon dioxide about 1 week, Erbium 3-4 days). All these disadvantages are now out of our lives with the new type of Palomar Laser.

If you are complaining about not being able to do anything to your face, you can have a younger face in 20 minutes with Palomar Laser.

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