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A Paralyzed Patient Can Speak 1150 Words Thanks to Brain Implant

According to the research published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, US researchers were able to connect a paralyzed patient using 1,150 words, thanks to a brain implant. It was determined that ‘Everything is possible’ was one of the patient’s favorite phrases to say.

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The implant, which reads brain waves, turns them into sentences on the computer screen.

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According to the news in Independent Turkish, US researchers tried to read brain waves and convert them into sentences through a neuroprosthetic device on a paralyzed patient.

The patient participating in the experiment visualized the letters he wanted to say in his mind, according to the phonetic alphabet, so that the device could simply read the brain waves.

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The phonetic alphabet, most commonly used to negotiate on the phone, consists of a word that represents the letters of the alphabet. For example, city names such as ‘Ankara’ for the letter ‘A’ and ‘Bursa’ for the letter ‘B’ are used in Turkish. In a similar form, the participant visualized each letter with a word, for example, to say ‘cat’.

The device decoded 26 letters and reflected them on the computer.

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The paralyzed participant, named ‘BRAVO1’, was able to use more than 85 percent of the content in English sentences. Thus, what the patient wanted to say could be understood.

“Anything is possible” was one of the participant’s favorite phrases to say,” said Metzger, chief author of Nature Communications.

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‘I learned a lot about him,’ said Sean Metzger, a missionary at the University of California, San Francisco. ‘BRAVO1 said he really enjoyed using this device because he was able to connect with us quickly and easily.’

Patrick Degenaar, British professor of neuroprosthetics, said he found the results very impressive.

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On the other hand, some experts state that it is necessary to be cautious about surgically implanting such a device in the brains of patients in the future.

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