About chin treatment

One of the foundations of beauty is proportion, a proportional face makes us look more attractive. The chin is generally not recognized for its aesthetic value, but it is one of the areas that most affect the image of the face and the profile view. Because there is a ratio called the golden ratio. For this, if we simply divide the face into 3 parts; The hairline and the nasal root are one region, the middle of the nose root and the tip of the nose is a region, and the nose tip and the chin tip are another region. These areas should be equal to each other, that is, the forehead area should be a unit and the nose area should be a unit, while the lower face should be a unit.

Whether the chin is too long or short, in front or behind, changes this ratio. In addition, the facial proportion that has been deteriorated as a result of the shrinkage of the jawbone with age or being genetically small can be restored by chin filling. It is also possible to correct the chin border due to sagging at the same time with the chin filling. With filler injection, a more ‘V’ face shape can be created by increasing the projection of the chin. Thus, the proportions of the chin are harmonized with the other features of the face and the general aesthetics of the face can be increased.

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