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Aesthetic Circumcision

What is Aesthetic Circumcision?
It is a surgical process applied to the male genitalia.

How is circumcision done?
Circumcision is the removal of excess skin in the male genitalia by surgical method or by laser as a result of the new system.

Is Circumcision Necessary?
Circumcision is an important thing for men in terms of purity and health. In fact, circumcision is a surgical process that is frequently applied in our country due to Turkish traditions and beliefs.

Who Should Perform the Circumcision?
This bet was made by circumcisers who were not doctors in our tradition. However, due to the new laws, the process in question is carried out only by doctors and surgeons in clinical settings.

Why Circumcision Should be Performed by Surgeons?
Although circumcision is a conventional process, it is a type of process that requires aesthetics and can cause health problems in wrong applications. For this reason, it is a critical application and is applied by surgeons and doctors.

Circumcision with Laser
It is obvious that the laser formula is used for every analysis and is a solution to many problems. In the circumcision process, laser is a method that is used quite frequently and it is frequently applied in the field of aesthetic circumcision. In addition, the laser circumcision procedure is now called aesthetic circumcision.

How is circumcision done with laser?
Before aesthetic circumcision with laser, appropriate marking drawings are made on the penis and the glans penis is protected with a special hat and excess skin tissue is removed with the laser probe. In aesthetic circumcision applications, a certain amount of mucosa is left under the glans penis.

With this one measure of mucosa left in the application of aesthetic circumcision, this area heavier than the border ends will not be thrown out and your child will be smooth in terms of his future sexual life. Then, depending on the age and the size of the penis, the skin is closed under magnification with tissue adhesives or very thin microscope threads.

What is the Transaction Deadline?
The aesthetic circumcision process takes 25-30 minutes. After the process, there is no need to rest in the clinic or hospital.

Is Aesthetic Circumcision Smoother Than Laser Circumcision Technique?
Yes, aesthetic circumcision is a method that is better and more advantageous than classical circumcision.

What are the Advantages of Aesthetic Circumcision?

  • Since the aesthetic circumcision is done with laser, bleeding, bruising and other side effects are almost non-existent.
  • Since the aesthetic circumcision is seamless, a very aesthetic appearance is obtained.
  • Smoothing in aesthetic circumcision takes place faster than in classical circumcision.
  • Since aesthetic threads are used in aesthetic circumcision, there is no need for a process for suture removal.
  • In laser circumcision applications, scarring (mishaps such as tissue loss) is very low and there is no loss of sensation.
  • Nerve endings are preserved.

Is Aesthetic Circumcision Performed With Anesthesia?
Yes, laser circumcision technique is a process performed under anesthesia. Anesthesia varies according to age groups.
General anesthesia is used in children younger than 6 years old. Sometimes, the process of sleeping with relaxing drugs is done.
In children older than 6 years, local anesthesia is sufficient.

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