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Aesthetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Aesthetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) are surgeries performed to correct the form and position of the ear. The excessive projection of the ear (pronounced ear) is corrected.
Otoplasty is surgery to correct the condition and position of the ear.
What is aimed with otoplasty?
Congenital ear disorders or subsequent trauma can be treated.
The size of the auricle can be corrected.
Excessive projection of the ear (pronounced ear) is corrected
Asymmetries in the ear can be corrected.
The absence of the auricle (microtia) can be corrected.
Asymmetries can be corrected.
If you are not happy with previous surgeries, it can be operated again.
To Whom Can It Be Applied?
It can be applied to healthy boys and girls over the age of five and adults. Most of the ear development is completed around the age of five.
Anesthesia and Surgery
Anesthesia; Ear surgeries can be performed under local, intravenous (sedation) or general anesthesia. The anesthesia form is determined according to the age, harmony and preference of the patient.
The operation takes approximately one hour in total for both ears.
It is entered through an incision made behind the ear and the auricle is formed with permanent stitches.
In surgeries performed under local anesthesia, the patient’s views are taken by holding a mirror to the patient.
The scar of the operation is not visible because it is behind the ear.
We use bandages for two days after the operation. For the next 15 days, we support the ear with a tennis band.
Often, pleasant results can be obtained with a single operation.
Sometimes, a second operation may be required for reasons such as insufficient correction, asymmetry, opening of the stitches for any reason.
You do not need to stay in the hospital for operations performed with local anesthesia.
If it is done with general anesthesia, you will stay in the hospital for one day.

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