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For whom is it done? It is everyone’s natural right to look and feel nice. People who feel healthy, pleasant and fit become more successful and help their social environment. For this reason, in recent years, this operation has been performed in men as well as women with an increasing number. Nowadays, with the advancing technology, both breathing and aesthetic appearance correction processes are carried out together, and then a promise of a near-wonderful face can be obtained with laser skin resurfacing and care.

So, which doctors should have this surgery done? Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, who have recently called themselves Facial Plastic Surgeons, perform this aesthetic surgery with the background number. When we go deeper into the subject, there is no specialty or science section called Facial Plastic Surgery in our country. Aesthetic facial surgery applications have just entered the ENT education curricula. In other words, otolaryngologists, who are already doing these processes, did not receive this training during their return to assistantship. Later, they got into this business with their own efforts. Of course, there may be those in the middle who do this job by giving it their due. My offer to you is Türk Plastik, Reconstructive and

On the side of plastic surgery specialists who are members of the Aesthetic Surgery Association. Of course, the final decision is yours, and if you trust the experience of your doctor, his expertise may not be important.
What does rhinoplasty promise? With Aesthetic Nose surgery, processes such as nose reduction, nose augmentation, nose tip lifting, bone arch removal in the nose etc. are performed. General anesthesia is recommended and the duration of the operation changes in the middle of 2-3 hours. After rhinoplasty, patients can usually be sent to their homes within one day. After a few days, they can get up and go to work under the supervision and knowledge of their physician. If the person has aesthetic nose surgery after correcting the curvature of the nose, the second surgery will be successful. For this reason, it is highly recommended that both operations be performed at the same time. Achieving a successful result in rhinoplasty, unlike other aesthetic surgery attempts, depends on the surgeon’s knowledge, ingenuity and experience.

Is the surgery for everyone the same? Aesthetic nose surgery should be planned for the individual, because everyone’s nose skin, cartilage structure and nose anatomy are different. No nose is alike, so the correction processes to be made also differ. Ülkü should have corrected nose defects, be in harmony with the face, look natural, but in an aesthetic form. It is more comfortable for patients to perform nose surgery under general anesthesia. There is no specific time for surgery. It can be done in any season of the year. It is left to the patient’s choice. Nose surgery can be performed from the age of 17, after the adolescence period, when the earliest bone and cartilage development is completed. The upper limit can be performed at any age, provided that the patient does not have a disease that will prevent surgery.

One month after the surgery, glasses can be worn after the bone reconciliation is completed. There are no restrictions on sun exposure other than active sunbathing.

Conclusion: For a healthy, more successful and comfortable social life by increasing self-confidence, it is highly recommended to have this surgery or have it done for every individual who has completed the age of 17-18 and has obvious curvature and arch formation in the nose.

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