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Aesthetics, Art and Aesthetic Surgery

The word “aesthetics” comes from the Greek words “aisthesis” or aisthanesthai”. Sensation carries meanings to perceive with senses, perception, feeling. What can be deduced from these words is that aesthetics is the science of the information provided by emotionality.
The subject of what art is shows some changes according to the ages, societies and the field of art. Art is a human activity and everything that affects people also affects art. Art, as a work connected to the artist, is also greatly influenced by the personality and originality of the artist. But all works of art evoke an aesthetic pleasure and excitement in individuals; They are liked and appreciated.
What are the elements that distinguish a work of art from other random works? The first of these is the pleasantness, which is quite difficult to describe. In addition to being pleasant, in a work of art, features such as being great, arousing a sense of pleasure and beauty, being real and sufficient, being useful, serving a purpose, and finding something from one’s own soul and excitement are also sought.
What directs creativity in the artist is his imagination, his own technique, the ideal of pleasantness in the depths of his soul, and these come together to reveal the artist’s style. Art, which is so personal, becomes social in a short time because it appeals to people’s inner worlds.
What distinguishes the artist from other people is his personality. His features such as imagination, sensitivity, emotionality, richness of association, persistence of tension and patience. His view is gluttonous, his choice and narration are different.

Beauty is a price that varies from age to age, from society to society and from person to person, even according to the age of the person, his profession, and the social and mental state he is in. According to Aristotle, pleasantness is harmony, harmony. If the elements that make up a whole are compatible with each other, that thing is pleasant. Of course, factors such as symmetry, proportion, full harmony (precision) and limitation are valid here, and Aristotle evaluates pleasantness as mathematics.
Everything in the cosmos seems to be many and complex. But when unity in the multitude is achieved
a harmony, a power, a pleasantness emerges. Pleasant, which always attracts us
it’s a force, it’s a force.

Aesthetic judgments depend on people’s feelings, not on concepts such as information and
cannot be bound by logical rules. He is the power of people’s sensibility, mind and imagination.
emerges in a free and harmonious game. Aesthetic judgment, to gain profit,
It’s not meant to be used, it just depends on watching and liking. aesthetic judgments
It is individual and subjective. What you find pleasing to yourself is also beautiful to others.
can’t wait to find it. However, despite these, human beings are affected by the effects of the age in which they live.
they reach common aesthetic judgments. According to L. Wittgenstein,
The basis of aesthetic judgment is not emotional, but knowledge and intellectuality.
The experts in the subject give the aesthetic judgment and other people follow them.
Yes, probably at this point, more than one of the plastic surgeons adopting this idea,
demands of their patients by applying the techniques taught to us in textbooks.
they are trying to meet. It makes a lot of sense mathematically, really… But
why so many unhappy patients, even though the techniques written in the books are applied motamot?
going around and making a move on insurance companies in America? Why?
Surgical techniques that are accepted as real are a source of satisfaction in a patient.
while being a source of unhappiness in another? As if there is something missing
in places? Why do some plastic surgeons expect patient expectations to be correct?
While they are so successful in directing, some are inadequate?

Aesthetic surgeons are also human after all, and they are in a long and tiring training process.
to their patients, medically and in terms of approach, what they have been taught.
are responsible for implementing. While doing these, it is not so much that directs the plastic surgeon.
there are so many factors… What the word pleasant means to him, this word
The degree of excitement he feels when he thinks and the degree of creative passion in his mind,
ability to understand expectations, dexterity, culture, environment,
everything that is not pleasant that brings us to the present as human beings, accumulation, beautiful
aptitude for arts, touching, feeling, degree of equality perception, human
interests, mathematical intelligence, emotional intelligence, empathy, ego and
thousands more factors…

In fact, if you think about it, the job we do is really difficult… There is a concept of common pleasantness accepted by everyone, but when the details come into play, everything suddenly changes compared to everyone else. As a matter of fact, we plastic surgeons make art and the style differs for each surgeon. Because the ideal of pleasantness in the depths of the soul of each plastic surgeon has developed differently. So what should our patients do in this situation? You must have a surgeon with whom you will be happy with his style… It seems real to apply to a scientific and talented plastic surgeon who is closest to you in spirit and perspective, but also knows the technical part of the job, right? I know boredom. You should feel it… You should explain your expectations to your surgeon very clearly and make sure he/she understands you… You can ask if he/she can demonstrate approximate results after surgery. You can request that a part of your examination be done in front of a mirror… And while sharing your expectations with your surgeon, you should make sure that you are not under the influence of third parties, such as your spouse, lover and family. Because the body is your body and when they leave your life, you will always be alone with your body… Your happiness and your expectations are important! And don’t feel bad just because you want to be nice. For centuries, human beings have been chasing pleasure… Believe me, this is a very understandable request. I know how demanding you are, but as a woman, I can understand that.

Stay with love.
I wish you happy days.
Both in your soul and in your body!!!

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