After unsuccessful hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a practice preferred by people of many different ages and many different business sets, and failure in this practice can be quite frustrating and frustrating. Unsuccessful hair transplantation is of course not a preferred result. However, it is not a matter of speech that this negative result cannot be compensated. You can request an intervention that can compensate for the unsuccessful process by meeting with experts whose experience and talent you trust. In addition, it is necessary to look at the reasons for the failure of the process. Hair transplantation may have failed for many reasons. Sometimes, this result can be obtained for reasons beyond the control of the doctors. Therefore, you should consider your doctor’s evaluation and firstly follow his or her directions.

Hair transplantation results that are considered unsuccessful may be very large grafts, anterior hairline problems or unrealistic appearances. For example, grass man appearance, parquet effect or various wound problems are the most common situations in unsuccessful hair transplantation applications. But these are not problems that cannot be fixed. In the hands of a specialist doctor, they can be turned into wonderful results. A natural look is the most valuable expectation in this application. The natural appearance can be easily achieved by doctors who pay attention to some sensitive points.

After a failed hair transplant, if the hairline is too far ahead, this line can be pulled to the point where it should be, and the correction process can be done easily. On the other hand, the fact that the hair is too high is another problem encountered. It is possible to eliminate this problem by restoring the front hairline with single-haired roots. The problem of crooked hairline is also one of the most encountered, but a specialist doctor can make corrections in this regard. For a natural look, hair follicles should be planted by looking at the true direction and this should be continued with a systematic approach. In this way, natural looking hair can be achieved. If you have also faced a failed hair transplant, do not worry. Such problems can be compensated.

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