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What is PRP?

The abbreviation of PRP is “Platelet Rich Plasma”, that is, “plasma enriched by platelet (platelet)”. This process is basically a skin rejuvenation technique performed by injecting the platelet-rich plasma obtained after a measure of blood taken from the patient is placed in a special tube and separated by centrifugation.

How is PRP Treatment Done?

For PRP application, approximately 8-20 cc of blood from the patient is taken into a special tube. This tube is placed in devices called centrifuges that rotate at high speeds, and the blood is separated according to the weights. Separation is completed using a special gel. The process is carried out by injecting the rich plasma from the platelet direction, which provides regeneration and beautification in the obtained tissues, to the areas where the treatment will be applied.

PRP Treatment Effects

The effect of PRP application is when regeneration is realized by stimulating aged and damaged skin tissues. Platelet cells, which are found in much more milliliters of plasma than in normal blood, are the cells that have a mission in the repair and beautification of damaged tissues. When damage occurs in an area of ​​the body, the beautification and repair process of this area begins with the thrombocyte cells. Since the platelet and growth factors in the PRP content are higher than the normal blood, a fast and strong repair process is triggered.

PRP Treatment Usage Areas

PRP application has a wide area of ​​use and can be applied for many purposes. It has a very common area of ​​use in the form of wound, acne and acne scar treatments, antiaging and skin rejuvenation, hair treatments and hair loss prevention approaches, treatment of various orthopedic problems, removal of cracks, and treatment of skin blemishes.

PRP treatment can also be performed in the form of an auxiliary formula in combination with various other processes. It can be applied to accelerate repair and beautification as a mainstay approach in some peeling and laser treatments, after the process or in hair transplantation.

When Does PRP Treatment Show Its Effect?

First effects can be observed quickly after PRP application. But it may take 2 to 3 months for the real effect to appear. Of course, at this point, the target for which PRP is used is also valuable. In each approach, the observation time of the effect may be different.

PRP Session Intervals

As we mentioned above, PRP has a wide range of uses. Therefore, the number of sessions and their intervals may vary. In an average treatment approach, we can say that sessions are held at 2-week intervals. The number of PRP sessions can also be 3 to 5 sessions.

Who Can Have PRP?

PRP is mostly not applied to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those who have clotting problems, those who have various infections, those who use certain blood-thinning drugs, those who have metastatic cancer, and those who have liver disease. Apart from these, PRP treatment can be performed in cases where the physician deems it appropriate and the PRP process can be useful in the analysis of the person’s problem.

PRP Treatment Side Effects and Risks

PRP is obtained from the patient’s own blood and does not contain any other components. In this way, risks such as allergies or infections are eliminated. At this point, of course, sterility and hygienic environment are very valuable. There are some non-important and discontinuous conditions such as minor bruises after PRP. However, they do not pose a health problem and they pass after a while.

PRP Hair Treatment

With PRP, hair loss can be prevented and the person can have healthy hair. Hair roots and hair strands can be strengthened and a fuller appearance can be achieved. PRP is a way to prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair. Therefore, PRP is not an approach based on hair regrowth or creating new hair follicles. However, hair loss treatment with PRP and strengthening of the hair, fuller hair appearance can be achieved. PRP hair treatment is quite successful with the aim of both preventing shedding and obtaining healthy hair.

PRP Treatment Prices

One of the main factors affecting PRP prices is the treatment in which the application will be used. This affects the number of sessions. In addition, prices may vary depending on the center that provides PRP treatment and the city where this center is located, and the year the process was performed. Ankara PRP treatment prices may differ from those in Kırıkkale. 2016 PRP prices may also have changed compared to previous years. The legal legislation in our country prohibits specifying prices in medical applications such as PRP.

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