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Do You Suffer from Hair Loss?

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NEO Hair Transplant’a Hoşgeldiniz.

Türkiye’de kalifiye bir klinikte saç ekimi yaptırmak istiyorsanız ve saçlarınızı gerçekten doğal bir görünümde görmek istiyorsanız, bizi seçmeniz için iyi nedenler var. Kalitemiz tesadüfi değildir.

Tedavi görmüş hastalarımızın memnuniyeti ve bizi tercih edecek hastalarımızın memnuniyetine odaklanıyoruz. Bizim için en büyük başarı, memnun hastalarımızın gülümsemesidir. Hastalarımızın gülümsemesi bizim için yaşayan bir değerdir.

Fully-fledged Hospital

Başarılı bir saç ekimi prosedürü, deneyimli bir doktorun yanı sıra Türkiye - İstanbul'da uzmanlaşmış bir hastaneye bağlıdır.

Experienced Doctors

10 yılı aşkın deneyime sahip doktorların sizin için yaratabilecekleri farkı bir düşünün. Doktorlarımız İstanbul-Türkiye'de bulunmaktadır.

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Ücretsiz Analiz

Temsilcilerimiz sorularınızı yanıtladıklarında çok daha mutlu olacaklar, sadece iletişim bilgilerinizi bırakın, sizi en kısa sürede sizi arayalım.

Do You Suffer from Hair Loss?

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Stay in Turkey 3 DaysStay in Turkey
3 Days
Hospitalisation OutpatientHospitalization
4* – 5* Hotel
Duration 4 to 8 HoursDuration
4 to 8 Hours
Anesthesia LocalAnesthesia
Recovery 3 to 5 DaysRecovery
3 to 5 Days
No ScarsScars
Stitch Out No StitchStitch Out
No Stitch
Pain None to SlightPain
None to Slight
Results Permanent 98% SuccessResults
Permanent 98% Success
Shaving After 3 MonthsShaving
After 3 Months
Wash After 15 DayWash
After 15 Day
swimming |Swim
After 30 Day
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Tecrübeli Ekip

Sadece Yeni Saçlar Değil, Yüksek Öz Güven de Yaratıyoruz

With the development of technology and hair transplant experience increasing day by day in Turkey, we are happy to see that we have achieved tremendous success.

The expression of happiness and self-confidence we see on the faces of our patients with hair transplantation is the best measure of this.

Dr. Cüneyt Kara

Plastic surgery specialist

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

We serve you with the latest technology, painless local anesthesia, and at least 3 hair expert teams and 1 doctor working in detail. The average hair transplant in Turkey cost starts at Fue 1600 Euros & DHI 1900 Euros.

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Neo Hair Transplant Istanbul

Neo Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

We use only Sapphire FUE & DHI technique for hair transplantation in our clinic center. The reason for applying these methods is the latest technology techniques that do not have an infection risk. With these techniques, we achieve high success in hair transplantation and achieve the most density and permanent hair transplantation results.

We determine our techniques by your personal patient representative and use the method that will give the best results for you.

Hair Transplant Procedures

Here We Have All Your Needs for Hair Loss Treatments

In this hair transplant technique, hair is taken one by one and transplanted into channels opened one by one.


It is one of the most preferred methods by physicians who want to achieve success in the near and frequent planting.


It is based on the transplantation of hair follicles taken from the scalp of the hair in the beard and mustache area.


In eyebrow transplantation, the hairs are taken from the back of the donor area.


In this procedure, sapphire blades will be used to open the microchannels in the area to be treated.


DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) eliminates problems such as stitch marks or incision marks. Fast recovery provides higher density.


Patients are able to adapt to social life in a shorter period of time as there is no need for a haircut.


Hair transplantation is not a problem anymore. You can regain your hair with a single operation.

We owe our success to our attention to details...

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Happy Stories

Creating Self Confidence for Better Lifestyles!
Today I had my 2nd hair transplantation, for the tonsure area as well as the compression in the front area (2700 grafts), as already after my first hair transplantation in November 2018 (3700 grafts), I am delighted with the results. The process in Turkey, as well as before my flight, was satisfactory; Even after hair transplant surgery, they answered all my questions.
They all are very organized, and the staff is excellent in English, which was vital for me as I don't know Turkish; they also have stuff perfect in French too. To be honest, you feel in good hands! All in all, I am very satisfied with the whole process and, of course, with the results.
Great experience; they followed me throughout the journey. From flight consultancy until after the operation. From the airport to the clinic and then to the hotel. Always punctual and friendly in everything. I highly recommend it.
Excellent experience, the staff at the top, hospitality to the airport through the interpreter to medical staff was great. No pain once anesthesia is performed, and now after 9 months, even I forgot my hairless view 🙂 I recommend them.
The balding area of my head was more than other people with the same hair problems, so 2000 grafts would not be enough to fix my appearance. In the interview I held with them, they conveyed it to me in this way too, and as a result, a total of 4800 grafts were transplanted in operation.

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Do You Suffer from Hair Loss?

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