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Avoiding surgical attempts for various reasons, but; Aquafilling is a suitable option for people who have volume or mood disorders in their breasts. Although the persistence of the treatment effect varies from individual to individual, it is an average of five years.

What is Aquafilling?
Aquafilling is a hydrophilic gel containing 0.9% physiological Na Chloride solution embedded in a synthetic linear polyamide matrix with a three-dimensional molecular structure. Aquafilling is fully compatible with human tissues. 98% of its composition is water. It breaks down slowly and provides a high-security, long-term effect.

Why Aquafilling?
It provides long-term elasticity and volume increase in tissues by attracting the negative charges of Collagen and Elastin with the Hydrogen bonds in its structure. It is a filling element that provides permanence for more than five years. The process is usually performed under local anesthesia or with sedation. It does not require hospitalization, the person can continue his normal life. Aquafilling injection is made with fine cannulas. These cannulas do not require stitches as they are thin in diameter. Aquafilling can be confidently used in cases of volume deficiencies. It is often used for breast enlargement, breast lift and correction of breast asymmetries. This method is not preferred for very large and very sagging breasts.

How is Aquafilling done?
Before the application, local anesthesia is applied and the area to be treated is numbed. Afterwards, the Aquafilling material is injected into the breasts with the help of an injector and the process is followed. The larger the breast size is desired, the more effective factors are used, and this dosage can only be adjusted by the physician taking into account the patient’s request. Injection is made under the breast as in silicone prostheses, no element is given for breast tissue.

The application of Aquafilling is also extremely valuable. It is a matter to be considered in order to avoid possible complications and the results to be obtained, that the application is performed by licensed Plastic Surgeons who have knowledge of body anatomy and deal with the surgery of these regions.

* Ideal for those who do not want surgery.
*It is performed with local anesthesia or sedation.
* You can return to life quickly after the application.
* It takes about 45-60 minutes.
*The effect lasts for an average of 5 years.

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