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Are you ready for the sacred duty?

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The womb is the starting point of a life adventure whose length is not certain. And “mothers” are the only living things that have been given the title of “holy” by carrying the heaviest work in the world with the passengers they carry.

In this period, mothers act by thinking of the health of their passengers rather than their own health. They probably give up their favorite habits (smoking, drinking alcohol, dyeing their hair..) and they probably make things they dislike into a habit (drinking milk, consuming foods containing vitamins..). Everything is now planned in order to raise the living thing in it in a healthy form and bring it into the world. Because the more appropriately they take care of themselves, the healthier their children will be.

So, during this process, do mothers take care of their oral and dental health as much as they care about their general health, or do they need to?

People live with false information that children get their calcium needs in the womb from the mother’s teeth and that the mother loses a tooth after each child is born. It turns out that during pregnancy, the mother can both protect her own dental health and ensure that the child is born flawlessly by eating healthier with the precautions and care she will show.

During the pregnancy period, there are all undesirable negative factors in the mouth with the changing hormonal structure of the mother, nausea, vomiting and increased acidity in the mouth. In the event that the mother cannot adequately care for her mouth, this negative picture becomes even worse and the treatment progresses to distress and risky situations throughout pregnancy.

In planned pregnancies, it will cause the expectant mother to go to the dentist and have the necessary treatments and learn the necessary information about oral care from the dentist and apply them throughout her pregnancy to eliminate all possible mishaps.

In unplanned pregnancies, in non-urgent cases, necessary treatments can be done in the middle of the 4th and 6th months of pregnancy, measures can be taken or postponed until after delivery. In cases that will get worse if treatment is not done, emergency treatments can be done in every period, the patient’s macular condition can be relieved.

Medicines to be taken during pregnancy are very valuable. Medicines should not be used without the advice of a physician, and if deemed necessary after dental treatment, the medications recommended by the doctor should not be exceeded.

The passenger in the sacred creature must be showing his gratitude and reproach with the kicks he will throw at the mother’s womb. I hope that the nicest kicks that all mothers will ever receive in their lives are the thank-you kicks.

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