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Arm Lift

The arm and shoulder part is a valuable area for our body, both functionally and aesthetically. Since people mostly wear short-sleeved T-shirts and undershirts on summer days, they pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their arms. The reasons for this attention may also lie in the loss of self-belief of people whose arms do not look aesthetically pleasing. If we count two reasons that affect the external appearance of the arms, the first of them is that the arms are oily. Secondly, the arms are too thick. The skin on the upper part of the arm is very suitable for lubrication and sagging. Pregnancy, weight changes, seasonal features can play a role in causing problems in this part. For the arm stretching process, some of them are lubricated compared to the bodily characteristics of the patient, while in others, sagging is observed to a great extent. According to this situation, the appropriate treatment procedure should be determined and applied to the patient accordingly.

Arm Lift Surgery

The process of removing the fat layer in the inner and lower parts of the arm and correcting the sagging part is called Arm Lift Surgery. Arm lift operation should be performed under general anesthesia or using sedation anesthesia in the operating room environment of the hospital. The average time for the completion of the operation is two hours. Individuals can return to their homes after the necessary inspections are completed after the operation. The elliptical area in the inner part of the arm that creates the sagging is subjected to the process in a way that it will get rid of the skin and fat tissue. For the operation, an incision must be made on the arm. Mostly, this cut is opened in the inner part of the arm to prevent its appearance. There is no medical problem in this situation. If the sagging in the arm is too high, the incision is enlarged by advancing to the armpit without error. After the arm lift operation is completed, the arms are kept on top for a reasonable respite. In this way, any swelling that may occur is prevented from descending to the hands. After the operation, a drain can be used to remove the dirty blood from the body. As soon as the arms are not fixed in a rigid form, the arms can be moved using an elastic bandage. The person who survived the operation can fulfill some of his daily processes the day after the operation, provided that it is not heavy. Keeping the arms up in the first two days after the operation and not tiring them too much is very valuable for the beautification process. The use of elastic bandages and corsets for arms is recommended for approximately 2-3 weeks.

Arm Lift Application with Laser Liposuction

Arm Lift with Laser Liposuction can be applied for arms where the skin sagging is negligible, the skin is suitable and elastic for this process, but the fat layer is more than it should be. This application is essentially the process of removing fat from the body by laser. Because laser application both creates a slight tightening in the structure of the skin and allows the fat layer under the skin to be burned away from the body. This method can be applied on the patient alone, or it can be applied by playing a complementary role in addition to arm lift surgery. The reason for this is that when a process will be applied for the anterior face of the arm during arm lift surgery, the cut marks that may occur in that area do not occur when this system is applied.

Non-Surgical Arm Lift and Tightening

There are certain conditions for arm lift process without surgery. First of all, the patient’s body structure should be suitable for this process. The non-surgical arm stretching and tightening process can be done by applying focus ultrasound. The success rate in the patients in whom this process is applied is less than the success rate in the patients who underwent the process with surgery. This method is not recommended for patients who want definitive results. However, it is an ideal way for patients who do not want cuts on their bodies.

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