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Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy, which is used in many treatments abroad and started to be used in the field of health in Turkey, is suitable for which diseases? The book, which contains 346 aromatherapy blends, took its place on the shelves.

It has been scientifically proven over the years that essential oils used in aromatherapy can change a person’s mood, behavior and productivity. In the early 19th century, when French doctors realized their potential in the treatment of diseases, essential oils began to be used for medical purposes. Today, it is seen that natural sourced pharmaceutical raw materials and natural compounds obtained from them have a valuable place in the treatment of diseases, maintaining health and protection from diseases. Numerous scientific studies and books have been published on the smoothing power of essential oils; The production of natural artifacts used for therapeutic, cosmetic and aromatic purposes has also increased rapidly.

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This book is written by a professor who is a member of the European Pharmacopoeia (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicine-EDQM) 13/B (Herbal Drugs and Herbal Drug Preparations) expert group, a professor who has made a mission as the European Pharmacopoeia Turkey Delegate, and the European Scientific Phytotherapy Union (European Union of Phytotherapy). Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy-ESCOP) scientific committee, including a professor who is a member of the advisory editorial council, has been prepared by a cluster of 4 professors whose articles have been published in many scientific journals at home and abroad. The information compiled as a result of the examinations and evaluations made on various scientific sources and web sites related to the subject has been presented to the reader by filtering the long years of knowledge and experience of the authors.

Aromatherapy Book Consists of 6 Volumes

What is Aromatherapy

At the same time, four professors, who are also the authors of the books ‘Medicinal Plants from A to Z’ and ‘Medical Oils and Aromatic Waters from A to Z’, which are the bestsellers in Turkey with their Complementary Medicine Approval and Faithful Use Offers, 6 In this fourth book of the ‘A to Z Aromatherapy Blends’ series; prepared from essential oils and other natural works, whose medicinal activities have been scientifically proven; There are 346 aromatherapy blends we have prepared under the main themes of Depression, Tension and Fear, Performance, Power, Focus and Insomnia.

He wishes that medicinal oils will positively affect your psychology as well as your physical problems. (BSHA-Science and Health News Agency)

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