Autologous hair stem cell transfer

Autologous hair stem cell transfer is a treatment technique used to deal with andogenetic alopecia and other hair loss problems. The application is a single session. In treatment, patients are injected with a suspension of their own (autologous) cells. Injected stem cells are natural beautification cells that serve as a repair system in the body by renewing the adult tissues of the body, and they increase the number of progenitor (precursor) cells through mitosis in the area where the application is made. Autologous hair stem cell transfer has proven its effectiveness in scientific studies.

In the application, 3 pieces of skin section containing hair follicles with a diameter of 2.5 mm are taken from the back of the ear and subjected to a process in such a way that it is divided into particles smaller than 50 microns. Hair stem cells, which are converted into a solution, are injected into the scalp areas that are being shed. It takes 2-3 months to see the results of the application. Treatment often does not require adjunctive treatments.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Autologous Hair Stem Cell Transplantation;

It is an outpatient procedure.

Supplements natural hair growth.

Other treatments, such as allergic reactions, infection or irritation of the scalp, do not have side effects.

Stimulates weak or old follicles.

It strengthens hair follicles.

It can stop the hair loss process.

It can beautify fine and damaged hair.

Strengthens existing hair.

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