Autologous micro graft hair treatment

Autologous Micro Graft; It is a new technique based on capillary regeneration therapy in dealing with hair loss. In this technique, a ‘suspension of one’s own (autologous) cells’ is used to regenerate the scalp.

Autologous Micro Graft is a faithful and effective technique for dealing with andogenetic alopecia and other hair loss issues. The application is a single session.

Autologous Micro Graft Therapy is FDA and CE approved. This application is applied abroad with the names of “Autologous Micro-Grafts Procedure” “Autologous Micro-Grafts Method”.

This formula is administered via a specially manufactured tool for clinical application of regenerative procedures using tissue taken from patients themselves.

In the application, the cells collected from their own bodies are injected into the patients, thus increasing the number of progenitor cells in the treated area.

This technique was created as a result of many clinical studies that showed a large proportion of follicle cells in solid cells. It is achieved by means of a metered mechanical process used for the collection of cells and the specific filtering procedure.

This method is very comfortable and is performed in clinics using local anesthesia. Patients can return to their daily activities quickly after the application.

First, a large capillary regeneration begins to occur with treatment. Although it changes from person to person, its effect begins to be seen after 3 to 4 months. However, it visually shows its real effect after 6 months.

It is completely natural and has no harmful effects. With this technique, in which our own cells are used, the scalp and existing hair density are beautified and new hair follicles are grown.

This application allows the hair to return to its normal cycle. Thus, since it increases the density and thickness of the hair, it brings hair loss to its normal course. In addition, it triggers new hair formation, allowing us to obtain a more adequate image.

Autologous Micro Graft Hair Treatment is suitable for both men and women.

It can also be used in hair transplant processes when necessary. In this way, the smoothing time will be very fast. Therefore, it minimizes complications and provides effective results in a very short time.

Treatment with Autologous Micro Graft can be applied regardless of male or female and is an effective treatment method for both.

Benefits of OTOLOG MICRO GRAFT Hair Treatment

Many individuals have hair problems. Many reasons, such as genetic predisposition, tension, thyroid diseases, chronic diseases, iron deficiency, some drugs used, poor quality diet and use of poor quality products, trigger hair loss.

Autologous Micro Graft; It provides successful results in most of the hair issues in both men and women.

When Autologous Micro Graft is applied especially in the early period when the hair problem is just beginning, shedding decreases and comes to its normal course and baldness is transferred to advanced ages or it becomes rough to become bald. Results vary from person to person and are used as an effective way.

Autologous Micro Graft treatment is also a good option for those who do not want to have a hair transplant. Especially for female patients who need to have transplantation, but do not plan to have it, although it is not an alternative to transplantation, it is a very smooth way to do it.

In summary, the most important benefits;

Protecting and revitalizing one’s existing hair

Thickening and strengthening long but weak hair

Autologous Micro Graft helps to have a voluminous and hairy appearance by thickening the hair strands in those with many hairy strands.

Activating the inactive hair cells under the scalp and removing them above the scalp.

Autologous Micro Graft, while serving as a preparatory treatment for hair transplantation, also increases the success of hair transplantation by applying it during or after a period of hair transplantation.

How is OTOLOG MICRO GRAFT Hair Treatment applied?

It is applied by injecting the cells obtained by using the tissues taken from the patients by punch biopsy and combining them with a special solution.

When is the result obtained in OTOLOG MICRO GRAFT Treatment?

Although it changes from person to person, its effect starts to be seen after 3 to 4 months. However, it shows its real effect visually after 6 months.

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