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Body Building and Gynecomastia, Body Building and Male Breast Size

  • What is the Cause of Gynecomastia in Individuals Interested in Bodybuilding?

Anabolic steroid hormone use is the leading cause of gynecomastia in people who are interested in bodybuilding. Apart from these, protein powders, supplements containing omega acids and the content of which are not fully known can cause these. A detailed study was published in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which is the publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, at the beginning of 2015. In this study, he published the surgical treatment approach and results of 1574 people who are interested in bodybuilding and have gynecomastia. They state that they achieved 98% patient satisfaction with this procedure that I applied.

  • What is the reason for the red dark yellow consistency discharge when the man squeezes the nipple?

In men who are interested in bodybuilding, that is, gynecomastia, which occurs as a result of the use of anabolic steroid hormones, can be permanent even if the hormone is stopped. In addition, these individuals may complain of breast tenderness, pain, and sometimes bloody and sometimes yellowish discharge from the nipple. When squeezing the nipple, bloody discharge from the nipple is often seen in anabolic steroid users and requires a doctor’s consultation.

  • Which system is the most adequate in the treatment of gynecomastia seen in people who are interested in bodybuilding?

People who have done bodybuilding and have gynecomastia want to get rid of their breast size for aesthetic reasons. However, the pectoral muscle of the body bulding is very developed. Due to the very low body fat rate, there is almost no subcutaneous adipose tissue. These two conditions and the fact that the main cause of gynecomastia in people who are interested in bodybuilding is the pure gland, that is, the size of the breast tissue, makes gynecomastia treatment different from others. In gynecomastia that occurs in adolescence, the size of the adipose tissue and gland is often equal or one is a little more and one is a little less. While liposuction is highly effective in gynecomastia that occurs after puberty and persists, liposuction or laser lipolysis alone is almost ineffective in gynecomastia that occurs after bodybuilding. While this situation is presented in detail in the article I mentioned above, I also come across it in my own clinical observation. The almost complete removal of the gland, that is, the breast tissue, is the basic approach in treatment. This process, on the other hand, is based on the removal of the gland tissue with a very meticulous and careful dissection, through an incision to be made in the form of a half moon at the border where the black of the chest meets the chest skin. If necessary, liposuction can be performed in addition to the gland edges. This process requires experience, attention and meticulousness. In this way, it is possible to reduce or minimize the complications that may occur. With this approach, it is possible to achieve a very high patient satisfaction.

  • What is the effectiveness of liposuction or laser lipolysis in the treatment of gynecomastia?

In gynecomastia that occurs in adolescence, fat tissue and gland size are often equal or one is a little more than one is a little less. The presence of adipose tissue and gland, that is, real breast tissue, can be quickly determined by examination or ultrasound. Liposuction or laser lipolysis can be very effective in gynecomastia that occurs after puberty and persists, if the breast is stronger than adipose tissue. However, if there is gland tissue in the breast, then liposuction or laser lipolysis is insufficient.

Since only fat tissue can be removed with liposuction or laser lipolysis, the breast, that is, the gland tissue that creates gynecomastia, will not be fully recovered. The swelling and size of the nipple will continue. Therefore, the gland tissue should be surgically removed in this patient cluster. In gynecomastia that occurs after bodybuilding, liposuction or laser lipolysis is ineffective because the gland tissue is the cause of breast size alone. In these, the combination of breast tissue removal and liposuction, which I have been using for many years in benign gynecomastia surgery and mentioned in the above publication, is very effective.

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