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Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Surgery Process

Breast augmentation is a process performed under general anesthesia for 1.5 hours. According to the patient’s condition and physician preference; It can be done under the breast, nipple or armpit. The prosthesis is placed under the breast tissue, under the fascia or under the muscle, depending on the preference and experience. The patient wears a special bra that he will wear for a total of 1 month after the surgery.

What awaits the patient after the operation?

In the first 3 days, a pain may occur due to the tension given by the prosthesis. With an easy physical therapy training applied on the 3rd day, this pain is reduced. . At the end of the first month, the swelling will go down, but it takes a little more time for the chest to reach its full form. The patient can take a bath on the 3rd day. After the first month, there is no harm in swimming in the sea and doing sports. Prostheses reach a more natural form and soften day by day. A patient with a breast prosthesis can become pregnant and give milk.

Are there any complications from the surgery?

Like all processes, breast augmentation surgeries also have complications. In the early period, there may be blood collection at the surgery site. Or, a reaction called “capsule” may occur in the long period.

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