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Breast Augmentation Aesthetics; women have both more aesthetic, fuller and more pleasant breasts.
It’s a formula to have. Our breasts feel comfortable for many reasons.
There are cases where it is not large enough. In these cases, with silicone implant placement,
We call the operations we perform as breast augmentation aesthetic surgeries.

Application Reasons for Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Desire to have fuller breasts.
Congenital underdeveloped breasts.
Desiring to proportion body measurements (Proportioning our hip width to our chest width
when we want).
Desiring to restore the shrinking/fading breasts after pregnancy (breastfeeding) (in some cases
performed in conjunction with breast lift surgery).
If the two breasts are of different sizes, it is desirable to have the same size breasts.
Failure to obtain the desired result in previous breast aesthetic surgery or trouble in that area
in case it happens.
For the reconstruction of the breast after the treatment of undesirable breast cancer ( certain
Let’s not neglect our mammography examinations after the age of one).

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, silicone implants (prosthesis) under general anesthesia for approximately 1-1.5 hours
It is placed in your chest area. Like a specially prepared athlete’s bra after surgery.
We wear a bra. If necessary, we also make a tight bandage on the bra. 1 night after surgery
stays in the hospital. In this way, both your follow-up is done and you can get better with intravenous painkillers.
a comfortable first night life is provided. You will be discharged the next day after your controls.

Pain After Breast Augmentation Surgery

“Having a measure of pain in the first two days” you heard from your researches and those who had surgery before
it is true. Pain is relieved by intravenous painkillers given at the hospital on the first day and pills taken after discharge.
is suppressed. As you know, pain varies from person to person. A few days of pain
then we grind a little bit for the look you have.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

For the first two days, we rest as much as possible. With tension in the muscles and movement of the arm
Due to the increasing pain, we spend your rest lying upright (sitting). In this period, our breasts
The measure will be in the swelling. After the first two days, our pain will decrease, relief in our arm movements.
and swelling will decrease. In order to shape the breast with the prosthesis, after the surgery
We continue to wear the given bra for a period of 1 month. In the 1 month period, your arm movements are intense.
We give the middle to the jobs and sports that he is involved in. After the breast augmentation surgery, you can also get a trace in your doctor’s inspections.
starting your remedial treatment.

In short, you are slowly returning to your normal life on the third day of your surgery.

Breast Augmentation Silicone Prosthesis Types

Regardless of the brand of the prosthesis, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
Make sure it’s approved. I do not use prostheses other than the FDA approved brand that I trust.

Drop Prosthesis: It is more similar to the form of the chest. Demanding a more natural breast appearance
patients are preferred.
Round Prosthesis: Provides a fuller appearance in the upper part of the chest. Valuing low-cut clothing
is preferred by women.

Although the patient’s request is of great value in the selection of prosthesis; taking into account the following criteria
It should be a joint decision of your doctor and you.

What We Considered in the Selection of Breast Augmentation Silicone Prosthesis

your choice
The thickness of your chest skin
The thickness of your chest muscle
Your body measurements (the width of your chest area, your shoulder-chest gap, your height)
Your amount of breast sagging
Your previous breast surgeries
Placing the Silicone Prosthesis in Breast Augmentation Surgery

In breast augmentation surgeries, silicone prostheses are placed in two places. Sub-muscle or over-muscle.
Submuscular: It is preferred in patients with thin breast tissue and thin breast skin. More natural look
Above Muscle: It is preferred if tissue thickness and chest skin are sufficient. Less painful and shorter
is the process.

In breast augmentation surgeries, your doctor will give you the information about the place where your silicone prosthesis will be placed.
He will tell you the decision after your examination, with plus or minus.

Side Effects That May Occur After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Blood Accumulation (hematoma): It is detected early. It can be prevented with a short intervention.
Capsule Formation: The implanted silicone prosthesis is perceived by the body as a foreign matter and
it is a cocoon. The knitted cocoon is very thick and

If the prosthesis deforms, pain may also occur. In this case, the silicone prosthesis and capsule
should be surgically removed.
Slipping of Silicone Prosthesis: Silicone prostheses with rough surface to prevent these shape situations.
is used.
Size Difference: It is the fact that the two breasts continue to maintain their preoperative difference after the operation.

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