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This surgery, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is performed by placing silicone prostheses (implants) on the chest.

* To make the breasts that lost volume and sagging after pregnancy fuller and upright,

*To repair breast losses after breast cancer.

Breast augmentation is easily performed with silicone implants (prosthesis) placed under the breast tissue. The most commonly used implants today are those filled with silicone gel or serum in a silicone envelope (sheath). Implants can be in different volumes, with a flat or rough surface (textured), round in form or anatomical (drop) shaped. To date, silicone implants have not been found to cause any carcinogenic, immunological or rheumatic disease. It is used faithfully today.


Breast implants can be placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle under the breast (pectoral muscle). Since it does not damage the breast tissue, it does not waste milk. The most common problem in breast implants is the capsule tissue that forms around it. Since the implant is a foreign body, it is natural for a membrane (capsule) to form around it. This capsule is usually not a problem. However, it can rarely thicken and harden. At that time, it may need to be removed or cut with intervention. Thanks to the textured implants used today and the massages recommended after the operation, the formation of capsules is minimized.

Silicone implants do not interfere with radiological examination of the chest (mammography). Women can continue their routine breast inspections and have a mammogram with their implants.


Breast augmentation is mostly performed under general anesthesia. It is also possible to do it with local anesthesia. In order to reduce bleeding, a special solution (serum-adrenaline) is injected into the breasts during the operation and blood loss is minimal.

Operation scar

In the operation, the implants are usually 4 cm. It is inserted through a one-dimensional incision. This operation scar can only be seen when the chest is lifted. Sometimes the implant can be optionally placed in the chest (areola) or axilla (armpit).

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