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  • What causes breast enlargement in men? (Deformity or disease? Is it a genetic condition? After which diseases, breast enlargement is seen in men? What is the effect of the drugs used? Are bodybuilding sports effective on breast growth? It can be said that men have breast enlargement after how many cm of growth?)

*** In men, breast enlargement, ie gynecomastia, may be caused by the deterioration of estrogen and testosterone stability for various reasons or the inability to perceive the existing testosterone hormone by the body. Although I will list possible causes below, a cause cannot be found in 25% of patients with gynecomastia. Gynecomastia may be present at birth or may occur later.
Congenital gynecomastia may appear as a normal process in newborns, adolescence or old age. The cause of gynecomastia in babies is the estrogen hormone passed from the mother, and it will resolve ex officio within a few weeks after birth. During puberty, 65% of boys experience an increase in the estrogen-to-testosterone ratio, which usually disappears at the end of the puberty period. Because of this, the gynecomastia of the young person also improves. In the elderly, testosterone is converted to estrogen in the adipose tissue of the body. And for this reason, gynecomastia is seen.
Apart from these usual processes, gynecomastia can also be seen due to various genetic diseases. Although there is no risk of developing breast cancer later in these patients, the risk of breast cancer increases 60 times in the disease called Klinefelter Syndrome.
The condition, which can occur later and is defined as medically acquired gynecomastia, may occur due to various hormonal or metabolic disorders, various tumors, mental tension, various virus infections, certain drugs, alcohol or any other reason that is medically defined as idiopathic.

  • Can breast enlargement in men be corrected? (At what stage breast enlargement should be considered a problem? What are the effects of the age factor on the treatment path? How to fix gynecomastia? Is liposuction used? What kind of techniques are used?)

*** If breast enlargement bothers the person, this is a problem. If our patient is in puberty now and the hormone tests are normal, this period should be expected to end. At the end of the adolescence period, recurrent gynecomastia can also improve. In addition, patients with acquired gynecomastia due to the drugs used may also recover ex officio within 2 years if they discontinue these drugs. If our patient is over the age of 18, surgery is performed. Surgical techniques are as follows: 1. The breast tissue inside can be surgically removed with an incision made around the nipple in half a month. Very rarely, in cases that present with both excess breast tissue and excessive sagging of the skin, ultrasonic liposuction is performed first and waited, and if sagging occurs in the skin, the sagging skin is surgically removed after 6-9 months. The reason we wait to remove the skin is that in some cases, the skin can get stuck on its own after liposuction. In this way, we do not leave any extra traces in our patient. In addition, the skin with the possibility of sagging can be tightened without surgery with systems such as thermage. 2. Fat tissue and breast tissue melted by classical or ultrasonic liposuction are vacuumed. In this technique, thin cannulas are extended to the breast tissue with half-cm incisions made from the nipple and outer end of the chest for each breast and the melted fat tissue is vacuumed. In particular, the use of ultrasonic liposuction called vaser provides us a lot of convenience in melting the hardened breast tissue and allows us to get more aesthetically pleasing results from the surgery. The scars of liposuction incisions, which are very thin and small, become beautiful in 10 days. If the person does not have a problem with the fit of the wound, the color of the scar, which is reddish at first, fades over time and is not noticeable unless you examine it very carefully. 3. These two techniques can be used together.
Which technique will be used in which patient is decided after the examination. After the operation, the patient uses a bandage for at least 2-4 weeks.

  • Is surgery the only test for breast enlargement in men? Is surgery a rule? Losing weight, medicine, cream etc. Is it useful to use sports, to do less sports or to do regional sports?)

*** Gynecomastia in infancy resolves within a few weeks, and in adolescence, it usually resolves within 2 years. In addition, breast enlargement caused by drugs may improve within 2 years after discontinuation of the drug. However, in gynecomastia, if there is fibrosis that causes very hardening of the breast tissue, the only test is surgery.

  • Can anyone have breast reduction surgery for men? (What are the conditions that will prevent surgery? Is there a lower and upper age limit? Does the weight of the person to be operated affect the decision of surgery?)

*** Anyone over the age of 18 can have this surgery.

  • Do men need preparation before breast reduction surgery? (Is there any smoking and alcohol use, eating, drinking, medications, vitamins etc. to be taken before surgery? Is a fasting required before breast reduction surgery?)

*** 10 days before breast reduction surgery, blood thinners such as aspirin, herbal tea and nutritional supplements should be discontinued. Cessation of smoking is not only necessary for gynecomastia surgeries, but also provides us with more favorable results in all surgeries. But it should definitely not be cut.

  • What kind of surgery is performed for breast reduction in men? (Is gynecomastia surgery a troublesome operation? What kind of anesthesia is applied? Which formulas are used? How long does it take?)

*** Although general anesthesia is mostly preferred in gynecomastia, regional anesthesia can also be used in small breasts. Excess breast tissue can be removed with an incision made in the form of a half moon around the nipple, and the fat tissue inside is removed by melting without incision with liposuction. Vaser is especially preferred for this job because of its ability to dissolve breast tissue. Sometimes these two techniques are used together. A standard surgery takes about 1-1.5 hours.

  • Will there be any scars after breast reduction surgery in men? (What kind of scars are left in which area? Do the scars go away in time? After how long will the scars disappear?)

*** In patients who have only ultrasonic or classical liposuction, 2 half-cm scars remain on each breast, one on the chest and the other under the chest.
In patients who make a half-moon incision around the nipple, a scar remains in this area. However, this scar is not very noticeable because it is in the transition area with the dark colored part of the chest head and the light color of the chest skin. Both the liposuction scars and the scar around the nipple are reddish at first, and if there is no problem in the wound healing mechanism of the person, they fade over time and cannot be noticed unless they are looked very carefully.
In very large and very sagging male breasts, in addition to these scars due to a different surgical technique, there may also be a scar that extends from the nipple to the chest crease in a true downward direction. However, this technique is avoided as much as possible. Because quickly, almost all male patients prefer a size sagging but smaller than a visible one on the chest. Especially in this case, the patient should be discussed in detail, and the patient should be given the right to speak in the selection of the surgical technique.

  • What is the process after breast reduction surgery in men? (Is a drain used? How many days does the pain last? How long does it take to drive a car and do sports? When will it be possible to return to daily life? When will the breasts take their full form? Will there be undesirable results? Will there be bleeding, infection, etc.?)

***If an incision is made from the chest after the gynecomastia surgery, a small drain is placed to take out the fluids that may accumulate inside. In addition, after dressing, an elastic bandage is wrapped around the chest area or a corset in the form of a band is applied. This corset is used for at least 3-4 weeks. The edema, which is maximum in the first week, regresses over time, and the visible edema almost disappears in about 4-5 weeks. There is no harm in using a car after the first week. However, it is better to wait 4-6 weeks for active sports. It takes 6 months for the breasts to take their full form. Even if it is minimal, the beautification process continues at a microscopic level for up to 1 year.

  • Are there risks to breast reduction surgery for men? (What are the general risks associated with the operation? Is there a possibility of permanent scarring? What kind of complications may occur after the operation? What is the probability of problems such as bleeding, infection, etc.?)

***After gynecomastia surgery, there are complications such as infection, bleeding, fluid or blood accumulation under the breast, asymmetry that may occur after every surgery, but thanks to the precautions taken, we almost never see them in practice. If a c-shaped incision is made on the chest, the opening of which faces downwards, there is usually not much scarring in this area. Although it remains, it is not noticeable unless you look very carefully. If the scar heals by swelling in the patient, this is a condition related to the structure of the skin and is not a condition seen in every patient. If we encounter such a problem in the early period, we go to treat this area with various drug creams and laser treatments. However, if the patient is unhappy with the asymmetry that developed after the surgery, we expect the breasts to settle for their retouching. We do not make any random intervention before 1 year. Because these asymmetries are often caused by edema and improve over time.

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