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Breast sagging and low breasts are among the most disturbing conditions for women. Aging,

pregnancies, menopause, a lot of weight loss and family reasons. upper chest

part of it flattens and becomes indistinct, and the lower part sags. Chest skin often loses its elasticity and

they weaken.

Look at your breasts in the mirror. If your nipples are above your chest crease,

means everything is fine. If it’s down to this line level, it’s light, if it’s below this line, it’s forward.

It can be said that you have a degree of breast sagging. This is your one day breast lift (breast

indicates that you may need surgery.

In particular, the nipples pointing straight down indicate the burden of the situation.

Why do breasts sag?

There could be many reasons for this. In breast tissue due to hormonal reasons due to aging

there is a decrease. This causes the inside of the chest to empty and sag. Breastfeeding mothers

breasts are also more prone to sagging. Breasts enlarge when full of milk, with breastfeeding

they discharge. When this is repeated over and over, the breasts naturally sag. Also, gravity

It pulls the breasts down and causes them to sag. In some cases, sagging is very

It starts at an early age and is completely due to the congenital weakness of the ligaments that carry the breast.


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