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Breast Reduction Surgery Process

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, which is one of the operations aimed at providing breast aesthetics; It is done to relieve the discomfort of breasts that are too large. During this surgery, the body of the breasts is brought into a more suitable form for the body by removing the excess breast fat, the tissue that gives fullness and the skin part. Thus, the patient has a more proportional body structure.

Breasts that are too large can also cause various emotional problems, especially health problems in women. These problems, which can also be described as self-image problems, can cause discomfort and pain to the person physically. The scale in very large breast tissues can be rough for the individual to lead an effective life. In addition, this large and heavy chest structure provides discomfort and awareness to the individual due to its shaking a lot.

Who is it suitable for?

First of all, it should be known that; Breast reduction surgery is an individual surgery. This surgery should not be done to meet the wishes of other individuals or to have a perfect view. The person who is considering having this surgery should have it done just for himself. You can decide whether this surgery is suitable for you by questioning the conditions listed below, that is, by looking at its validity;

  • If you are physically healthy
  • If your expectations are realistic,
  • If the size of your breasts bothers you,
  • If your breasts prevent you from doing your physical activities,
  • If the straps of your bra leave marks on your body enough to cause redness,
  • If your skin on the chest area is enlarged and your breasts are swinging downwards correctly,

Questions You Should Be Prepared For Before Surgery

The success of breast reduction surgery; It depends on the patient’s ability to clearly state his wishes, to describe himself as real, and to approach this situation without prejudice. If the bond between the patient and the doctor works flawlessly, a situation of reliability will be established between the parties. When your doctor asks you the following questions or similar questions to ensure this belief, your prepared response will ensure that the stage works in the healthiest way possible.

  • Why do you want this surgery, what are your expectations and what is the result you want after the surgery?
  • Are you allergic to drugs?
  • What treatments have you had before?
  • Do you use alcohol and cigarettes?
  • Are there any medications or vitamins you are currently using?
  • Has anyone in your family had breast cancer? If available, previous chest X-ray and biopsy results.

In addition to all these questions listed above;

  • Your doctor may want to be informed about your general health status. Thanks to this information, it can inform you about your expected health conditions and risk factors.
  • By examining your breasts; can perform detailed measurements of its size and shape. In the meantime, it can control the quality of the skin on your chest, the position of the nipples and their walls.
  • It may request a photo shoot for your medical record.
  • He or she can discuss possible options with you and suggest various treatment options.
  • He or she can share with you the possible outcomes, risks, and complications after the surgery has taken place.
  • It can inform you about the type of anesthesia to be used during the surgery.

Pre-Surgery Desires

  • Making the necessary analyzes or passing the health inspection,
  • Adjusting the drugs to be suitable for the surgery and post-operative period,
  • Pre- and postoperative chest X-rays,
  • Cessation of the use of aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs that increase bleeding.

Breast reduction surgery should be performed in an absolutely safe surgery center or hospital.

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