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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue. It is the removal of the fat tissue and skin and bringing the breast structure to a suitable condition and size for your body.
Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue. It is the removal of the fat tissue and skin and bringing the chest to a suitable position and size for your body. The aim of breast reduction surgery is to both give your breast an aesthetic appearance and to eliminate the disadvantages of having a large breast. big chest; It can cause shoulder, neck, back pain. It can cause rashes and wounds in the folds of the chest and on the surfaces in contact with each other. After the operation, these complaints regressed.
To whom can it be done?
You should not have a physical problem that may pose a problem to the operation. If your breasts are difficult for you to do your physical activities If you complain about the aesthetic appearance of your breasts If you suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain If you have deep bra marks on your shoulders If you have rashes and sores under your chest If you have difficulty in choosing clothes If this situation restricts your social life, you are a candidate for breast reduction surgery.
Anesthesia and Surgery
It is done under general anaesthesia. Pre-operative drawings are made, the size of the chest is decided together with the patient. The position of the chest is determined. After the operation, the chest is supported with plaster and sponges and a drain is placed. Average hospital stay is 2-3 days. This time is mostly determined by the removal of the drains. After 10-15, the stitches are removed, you may have pain with arm movements for a month or so. If there is no random complication, you can return to your social life after 15-20 days. The most valuable problem in breast reduction surgery is permanent scarring. Although it varies according to the technique, a perpendicular scar is left around the nipple and a scar is left on the lower chest fold (inverted T). Although it is more obvious at the beginning, after 1.5-2 years, the scar becomes less obvious as the skin color turns. After breast reduction surgery, your neck, shoulder and back pains are usually relieved or completely eliminated. Rashes and wounds under the skin are smoothed. The limitations you experience while doing physical activity disappear.
As with all surgeries, there is a risk of anesthesia. Bleeding may be an infection. Especially in smokers, the risk of beautification problems at the wound site and partial retention at the chest is greater. The seam may open. There may be loss of sensation in the nipple, decrease in lactation, and hardness in the chest. Sometimes revision surgery may be required due to asymmetry, deformities, irregularities and insufficient reduction.

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