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BREAST REPAIR Chest Reconstruction

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. Today, thanks to the innovations in diagnosis and treatment methods and the awareness created by the media, breast cancer can now be treated much more successfully. However, when breast loss is added to the weight of the treatment process, permanent psychological effects occur on the patient. For this reason, applications to Plastic Surgery specialists for the surgical correction of the breast that he lost due to cancer are increasing day by day.

As a timing, breast repair can be performed during mastectomy (removal of the breast), as well as in patients who have completed post-operative cancer treatment. There is no obstacle for patients who have undergone breast repair simultaneously with mastectomy surgery to receive cancer treatments. In other words, it is not a matter of speech that this surgery delays the treatment of cancer. New breast, albeit at the same time or in the late period; sometimes only from the patient’s own tissues, sometimes only with silicone prostheses, and in some cases, by using both. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Which formula to use is decided after evaluating both the patient and the condition of the disease and the patient’s expectations together.

Today, the most commonly used method is breast repair with the help of silicone. In this system, a balloon placed under the chest muscle is inflated with fluid given by your plastic surgeon at certain intervals (1-2 per week), and a swelling is created in the chest area. Depending on the nature of the balloon used, this balloon is either left inside or replaced with a silicone used in plastic surgeries after a while. In surgeries where the person’s own tissue is used, from different parts of the body; Although it differs according to the patient, it is most commonly from the abdominal region; A new breast is created using the tissue taken.

Regardless of the method performed, breast repair surgery is a multi-step process. In the processes following the main surgery, the nipple is formed, minor defects are corrected, and applications that will give the chest a more natural appearance are performed.

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