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brow lift & cold lipolysis

brow lift

Brow lift with botulinum toxin: It is the shortest, most painless and most practical formula for raising eyebrows. The aim is to provide a few millimeters of spring on the outer third of the eyebrows. This effect can be achieved for 4-6 months with a good planning at the appropriate dose.

If there is sagging in the upper eyelid, botulinum toxin application will not provide an analysis for it. Depending on the patient’s problem, botulinum can be applied for brow lift after eyelid aesthetics.

Eyebrow lifting with suspension: Suspension is made by passing the non-melting threads through the eyebrows and the scalp on the forehead or temples. It can be applied under sedation or local anesthesia. The suspension effect lasts up to 2 years.

It is a formula with more permanence of eyebrow lift applied with forehead lift. Its effect lasts for about 5 years. It is applied under general anesthesia.

The formula to be chosen should be based on the age of the patient, skin quality and sagging extent. While botulinum toxin application is sufficient in the young and middle age group, it may be necessary to add eyelid aesthetics or forehead lift operations in older ages.


It freezes the subcutaneous fat deposits up to -5 degrees without cooling the skin from regional fat accumulations that are resistant to exercise, diet and other systems. Thus, controlled cell destruction is initiated in the fat deposits in this region. Cryolipolysis treatment is a treatment that provides a permanent reduction of 20% to 40% in a single session of fat deposits in areas such as belly, abdomen, back, hips and legs. This formula is a good alternative for individuals who shy away from liposuction treatment procedures. All fat cells in the applied area crystallize. It provides a homogeneous effect in the applied area and there are no collapses. The application is painless. There may be redness for 1 or 2 days after the application.

The device vacuums the area with oil accumulation at low temperature and cools it down to -5 degrees for an average of 50 minutes. It causes irreversible loss of fat cells. The area where lipolysis is applied also tightens at the same time due to the sudden drop in temperature.

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