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Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

Progression of age can cause eyebrows to fall, and with the effect of gravity and pressure applied to the eyelid, the gaze of the person can become tired and sad. Lifting the eyebrows to regain their old appearance with various procedures are eyebrow lifting formulas. The surgical procedure is also called brow lift surgery.

Low eyebrows bring with them tired and irritable looks, negatively affecting the physical appearance of the person. Individuals who complain about this situation, who have a narrow distance between their eyebrows and their eyes, or who are uncomfortable with the lines that appear on their forehead and around the eyebrows, may apply to eyebrow lifting methods. After the application, the person’s gaze gains vitality and dynamism, the wrinkles on the face, around the eyes and forehead are reduced, and the person obtains a youthful image. In younger patients, the effects of eyebrow lifting are also felt more and more effective results occur. As the age progresses, sagging and lines will increase and deepen, so additional applications may be needed. It can also be supported by brow lift, face lift or eyelid surgery.

Eyebrow Lift Methods

Rope hanging system and endoscopic surgery system are the most active ways to lift eyebrows. In endoscopic brow lift, the process is performed under the skin with the help of telescopes measuring 3 millimeters in size. Telescopes are inserted through small incisions, so tissues that cause low eyebrows are detected from the screen and corrected. Thus, the eyebrows are given a natural form, the application is quite easy. In addition, this formula can be good for forehead tensions and migraine pains.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are made from the hair borders as in the endoscopic way. After the eyebrows are raised, they are stitched and fixed. Brow lift surgery is completed in approximately 1 hour. In the next 1 week, the improvement of swelling and bruises is also completed. Eyebrow lifting with a sling is also the most preferred method, but it is a process that continues for a shorter period of time compared to the surgical technique. With the condition of entering from the hairline, the eyebrows are raised and the desired state is given. Wrinkles formed on the forehead are also removed. The method, which takes effect in the middle of 9 to 20 months, does not contain visible scars and stitches. The most accurate method to be applied is determined by the physician. While performing the brow lift process, the natural image of the patient should be preserved, and the process should not be done so much that the person looks completely different. Otherwise, there is a risk of making the person appear more irritable than they are. In this sense, working with specialist doctors will give the patient an advantage.

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