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The condition of the ears moving away from the skin of the face is “pronounced ear” in the middle of the public.

is referred to as. Prominent ear condition affects the person negatively socially.

may affect. Young children are in the mirror because of the prominent ear condition.

If they are unhappy with the images, it can affect them spiritually. Large

Prominent ear condition at ages can negatively affect one’s social life and self-confidence.

direction can be reflected. It turns out that prominent ear surgery is a very short, fast and painless procedure.

is the application.

From what age can prominent ear surgery be performed?

Prominent ear surgeries can be performed from the age of 7 years. Because this is ear development.

from the age of now has been completed. If the patient is not a child, local anesthesia

will be sufficient for this process. For a more comfortable process in pediatric patients

General anesthesia may be preferred.

Many parents attend primary school so that their children are not affected spiritually.

Before starting the prominent ear surgery is applied. Their minds are the most

The topic of anesthesia is confusing. Because parents and guardians of their children from anesthesia

This is not a true belief, although he thinks that he may be negatively affected.

General anesthesia to be performed for approximately 1 hour is a random procedure for children.

does not pose a problem. Local anesthesia is also given to compatible children aged 12-13.


Surgery Process

Prominent ear surgeries are performed with an incision made behind the ear. with this incision

the cartilage is reached and the prominent appearance of the ear with permanent stitches placed on the cartilage

is corrected. In some patients, some amount of cartilage tissue during the process

may need to be removed.

After one hour of surgery, the patient returns home without a stay. from surgery

then a tennis band is attached around the ear. This band ears is an inconsistent

It provides a more faithful smoothing period by protecting it from movement. tennis tape

It should be worn day and night for the first week. After the first week, only at night

It is continued to be used for 3 weeks by wearing it. Patients return to work 2 days later.

may return. Prominent ear surgeries are scarless, fast and easy to fit.

is the operation.

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