Bulimia nervosa damages the teeth as well as the whole body.

Bulimia Nervosa (Bulimia for short), an eating disorder of psychological origin, is more common in young girls, especially between the ages of 15-25, compared to boys and other age groups. This disease, which manifests itself with significant deterioration in the person’s weight perception, leads the person to obsessive intentions that there is still weight to be lost, even if he loses weight more than necessary. In bulimia, the person finds himself in a regretful cycle by vomiting with the goal of getting rid of calories after a bout of fast and uncontrolled eating. After some time, the person begins to vomit uncontrollably. This situation not only affects the whole body, especially the stomach and esophagus, but also causes great damage to the tooth structure.

Urgent intervention is needed to prevent bulimia from causing tooth loss

Young girls and boys who aspire to a zero body show some wrong tendencies in the shadow of aesthetic fluctuations. Misbehaviors such as diuretics taken for the sake of losing weight and being pleasant, heavy exercises, use of laxative and diet pills, using herbal products/teas with emetic and laxative effect, vomiting after meals; can cause significant health problems. One of these problems is the disease called Bulimia Neurosa.

Bulimia disease; stomach ailments, sexual reluctance, fatigue, hair loss, depression, intestinal problems, irregular menstruation, irregular heartbeat, enlarged salivary glands under the ear, irritation in the throat, edema in the hands and feet, low blood pressure, dizziness, anemia, heart attack and death The risk of pancreatic swelling, headache, tearing in the stomach, chest pains, shortness of breath, frequent swelling of the tonsils and deterioration of the tooth structure brings with it many problems. The damage caused by Bulimia to our teeth, which is one of these problems, which is of great value for us to carry out our vital activities such as eating and speaking, can result in severe damage up to tooth decay and even tooth loss in a short period of time. In this way, diseases that directly damage the teeth should be intervened as soon as possible.

Uncontrollable weight loss wish deprives healthy teeth

Bulimia sufferers experience the first problem with decreased salivation as a result of vomiting. In the next process, the irritation caused by vomiting always occurs in the throat, and erosions due to enamel destruction occur on the teeth due to acid. Intraoral wounds also draw attention as another painful and troublesome aspect of the job. We must have healthy teeth so that we can eat, speak and continue our vital activities. In this sense, if there is a health problem such as Bulimia that can cause significant damage to our teeth, help from a specialist doctor should be sought immediately. Otherwise, deterioration in dental health, which starts with acid erosion and dental caries, will draw a more important clinical picture.

The health of our teeth directly affects other organs and functions of our body. Problems in our teeth can also invite other diseases. Even a single rotten tooth can reach other organs of the body with secretions through the oral mucosa and cause disorders. From this point of view, tooth loss caused by Bulimia can reach much more dangerous dimensions. In order to reduce these losses and renew the self-belief of the person, aesthetic veneer or filling repairs can be performed on teeth with eroded enamel.

Dentist Cagdas Kislaoglu

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