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Cancer and ozone therapy

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Cancer is a disease that continues to be a terrible dream of societies, its treatment is very troublesome and long-term. Although valuable successes have been achieved against certain types today, it is clear that there is still a large gap to be taken in the treatment of cancer. The two most commonly used methods in the treatment of cancer, which is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths in our country every year, are drug (chemotherapy) and radiation (radiotherapy) treatments. Depending on the condition of the disease and the patient, both treatment methods can be used separately or together.

One of the important issues related to cancer is recurrence and metastases, and another is the side effects from the treatments applied. Recurrence is more common in some medical cancers and requires long-term follow-up after the patient’s treatment ends. The side effects that occur during the treatment of the disease and after the treatment is sometimes so severe that they cause great deterioration in the life comfort of the patient and even cause bigger problems than the disease itself. The fact that the drugs used in the treatment of cancer today also affect the normal cells in the human body causes long-term damage on vital organs such as the liver and kidney.

Because cancer is a frightening disease, many patients and their relatives are looking for ways to supplement or supplement existing treatments. Today, dozens of works that are claimed to treat cancer, especially herbal medicines, are widely used by patients. A valuable part of the doctors are against the use of these works, but in many cases such drugs are included in the treatment without consulting the doctor’s knowledge. Although there are dozens of patients who say they benefit, since it is generally used together with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it cannot be determined more than once from which treatment formula the beneficial effects originate. Regardless, patients are strongly advised to use this type of medication with the consultation of the physician following the treatment and the approval of the relevant doctor.

One of the auxiliary treatment procedures frequently used by patients and their relatives is ozone therapy. Whether ozone therapy is effective in cancer treatment is being questioned more and more day by day. Considering the effect system of ozone therapy, it is clear that the application of ozone, especially to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, will benefit the patient in several directions. First, ozone therapy significantly increases the human body’s capacity to fight cancer cells by supporting the immune system. Secondly, it increases the activity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy by regulating the blood supply and circulation of the tissues. As it is known, in order for both treatment formulas to be effective, the cancer tissue must be supplied with blood at an appropriate level. Third, it reduces the capacity of cancer cells to metastasize (migrate to other sites) by helping to analyze the distress that occurs in cancer tissue (hypoxia-oxygen deficiency). Fourth, it supports the reduction of side effects (fatigue, exhaustion, hair loss, liver damage, wounds and skin burns caused by radiotherapy, etc.) caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

There are many centers in Italy and Germany that treat cancer patients with ozone alone. It is hopeful that this supportive treatment, which has just started to be recognized by doctors in our country, has no known side effects, does not impose a high additional burden on cancer treatment, and increases the comfort of life and treatment activity of many patients. However, the fact that our patients do not receive ozone therapy alone, but receive this treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy cures will lead to satisfactory results for both patients and their relatives.

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