Celebrity Hair Transplant

As the name suggests, a celebrity hair transplant is a hair transplant procedure that is carried out on a celebrity. Celebrity hair transplants have become quite popular in recent years, as more and more celebrities are opting for this treatment to restore their hair. Celebrity hair transplants are usually conducted by some of the best …

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Does Black Seed Oil Grow Hair?

Women and men generally prefer natural methods among hair removal methods. Black cumin, which is among these methods, is among the best care methods for hair. Thanks to black cumin, your hair gains a more lush appearance, while at the same time, it comes to the fore in protecting hair color. To prevent hair loss, …

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How Does Scalp Odor Go?

How Does Scalp Odor Go?

Scalp odor is one of the harmful conditions seen in both men and women. This situation, which can occur in people of all ages, appears in the scalp. It happens much more significantly in women with oily hair. The scalps with oily hair absorb the dirty odor more quickly and contain it. Even if you …

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Rejected Hair Implants

What Is Hair Transplantation?   Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution for hair loss problems. The process of implanting healthy hair follicles to areas where the hair follicle is no longer active by microsurgical methods is called hair transplantation. The patient’s healthy hair is invested in the spilled area in hair transplantation.   For …

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Why Do the Roots of My Hair Hurt

Why Do the Roots of My Hair Hurt?

Hair root discomfort is a debilitating condition that has an impact on one’s daily life. When combing your hair, you may experience tingling, burning, or simply an unpleasant sensation that is not only uncomfortable but also perplexing. The acute pain may appear to be coming from your hair, but it is actually coming from your …

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