5 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Anyone can experience hair loss, and while it’s normal to lose up to 100 strands each day, if you’re losing more, it could be a sign of a problem. Hair loss is not a problem for your health. It is mostly a cosmetic issue rather than a health condition. Tips to Prevent Hair Loss Each …

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Does Shampoo Against Hair Loss Work?

Shampoo against hair loss is sold with the promise of stopping hair loss. According to the manufacturers, the product contains actives that can penetrate the scalp, stimulating growth and stopping hair loss. However, the effectiveness of the product still causes disagreements among experts. In this article, you will find some information such as what shampoos …

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Sapphire FUE Method in Turkey

Sapphire FUE First of all, what is this new Fue Method? It is the newest method of FUE which is the most used technique in hair transplantation. This method is a specially developed hair transplant pen. The tips of this pencil, with its more natural and thinner structure, ensure the optimal placement of the grafts …

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Hair Loss Risk Factors

There are many risks of hair loss and some complications. If people have one of these risk factors, they need to take immediate action. Genetic causes, age factors, women’s menopause, excessive stress, anemia, unhealthy diet, fungal head fungus carry a great risk of hair loss. Treatment is essential to minimize such risk factors. Genetic The …

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