Cellulite treatment and regional slimming methods


It is a device that has been scientifically proven to be active in the treatment of cellulite and has received FDA approval. With Cellu M6 Keymodule technology, blood and lymphatic circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue is stimulated, and the removal of excess fluid and metabolic wastes trapped in the middle of the tissues is accelerated.

In addition to its success in cellulite treatment, LPG provides one or two body shrinkage and tightening depending on the patient’s condition. It accelerates the recovery after liposuction. LPG is applied within the programs suitable for the patient’s condition.

THERMALIPO II Radio Frequency System

With a painless formula, it treats facial relaxation and sagging, provides tightening and renewal. It overcomes cellulite, local weight and sagging problems in the body. It helps to remove the orange peel appearance on the skin, tighten the applied areas and give the tissue a more adequate appearance. There are no side effects.

Thermalipo II

It is safe, painless and risk-free for all skin types.

It is effective on the face, neck, décolleté, abdomen, hips, legs, arms and knees.

While shaping the body contour, it increases the production of collagen at the same time, making it look tighter and younger.

It is not an invasive system. Individuals to whom the application is made can return to their usual activities during the day.

Its effect has been proven on hundreds of patients.

At the end of the first month of the treatment protocol, which lasts for three months, the effects of cellulite and weight loss begin to appear, and with the prestige of the second month, the effects of tightening begin to appear. During the treatment, 2.5-3 liters of water should be drunk per day, alcohol should not be consumed and a heavy face/body moisturizer should be used after the application. The recommended number of sessions is in the middle of 10-12. Session intervals are 7-5 days.


What is the cavitation system?

The cavitation system is a non-surgical system that treats regional lubrication and cellulite with ultrasound waves.

The propagation of ultrasound applied to the outer surface of the skin causes sudden and high pressure changes in the cell fluid in the adipose tissue. Bubbles formed by ultrasound waves first expand and then burst in fat cells. This effect, called cavitation, liquefies the fat, destroys the cell walls and disrupts the structure of the storage fats. The fat cells in this tissue and the released fatty acids are broken down and removed by the lymph and urinary tract. These liberated fats are burned in the muscles or excreted from the body through the urinary system and liver.

To whom does it not apply?

In this treatment, fat cells become liquid. In order for the liquefied fat to be removed from the body, the person needs to be healthy, have a well-functioning circulation system, and have a healthy liver and kidneys.

Those with liver problems or liver failure

Chronic vascular insufficiency, lymphatic edema

Diabetes (type II)

Those with problems in the middle and inner ear

Those with metal prosthesis

Those with pacemakers

Pregnant and lactating

Those who have problems with the tissue in the application area

Patients with disease requiring clinical treatment

Treatment protocol, session duration

It is recommended that the application be applied for 10 days with moderate to 4-6 sessions. The duration of the session is a maximum of one hour.


Fat is removed from the body by lymphatic drainage. After the cavitation application, it is recommended to massage the lymph points on the lymphatic circulation side or to use lymph drainage devices. In the middle of two cavitation applications, 2 sessions of lymph drainage of 30 minutes will be very useful.


In the midst of these practices, the most valuable thing is the absolute necessity of dieting. For this, it is recommended to follow a fat-free, low-carb diet. A diet with almost zero fat content should be followed for 5 days after the cavitation session and it is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water during the day following the application.

physical activity

After the cavitation application, physical activity must be increased absolutely.

Lymph Drainage

It is a device that increases the effect when used with LPG for regional slimming, body tightening and cellulite treatment. With the lymphatic drainage device, the lymph flow is regulated by applying accurate and regular pressure from the fingertips to the top. There is improvement in skin quality, circumferential thinning, and skin and subcutaneous tightening in the applied area.


Mesotherapy method was first used in France in 1952. Mesotherapy is defined as the direct administration of a small amount of medication to the problem areas. Giving the drug only to the problem area increases the activity while minimizing the side effects.

Mesotherapy can be applied to all healthy adults between the ages of 16 and 75. Regional lubrication, cellulite, hair loss, skin rejuvenation are the main areas of use.

The most suitable candidates for the application of mesotherapy for regional thinning are healthy individuals who exercise regularly, who are not overweight, who have cellulite or regional fat deposits.

During the treatment, a diet with high protein content is recommended. Foods and beverages containing caffeine should be avoided. Hot showers should not be taken within 8 hours after the application and heavy training should not be done.

Treatment results vary according to the area applied and the extent of the problem. The treatment results of cellulite and regional lubrication are seen after the first few applications.

As long as the patients lead a healthy life after mesotherapy, have a suitable diet and regular training, the activity of mesotherapy is permanent. Continuing mesotherapy several times a year in cellulite treatments increases the permanence of the applications.

An average of 10 – 12 sessions are required to get results from the treatment.

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