Ceramic porcelain teeth


Our dental health has invaluable effects on our general well-being and comfort; and how we feel about how we look also plays a role in our quality of life.

When we feel unattractive because of crooked teeth or their distorted image, we may be self-conscious and preoccupied with our appearance. We may feel the need to cover our mouths while talking or laughing, we may be afraid to smile, or we may try to hide our facial appearance.

The teeth that have been or will be inserted in your mouth are porcelain, which is the most advanced instrument of dentistry. With its glassy structure, prestige, this instrument, which is the most similar to the tooth and has great aesthetic advantages, is also very durable. For this reason, teeth made in accordance with the rules will serve you for at least 10-15 years after proper use.


Can I have teeth in the form and color I want?

You can have teeth in the form and color you want. However, the most misunderstood point is to think that the tooth you see in another individual will be suitable for you in a one-to-one form. Even if teeth that look very nice on a random artist are applied to you in millimeters, your facial condition, skin, eye, hair color, lines and age can cause females to look very different on you. Ideally, you should have a one-on-one aesthetic view with your dentist and benefit from his experience.

Some individuals have bruising and a black line on the gum line in their teeth, I don’t want this..
This is a complication that occurs in metal-based porcelain veneers due to time and incorrect brushing. Since full porcelain work without metal abutment is performed in our clinic, especially in our anterior region studies, such complications are not encountered.

Will I feel pain while my new teeth are being made?
1-1.5mm from tooth surfaces to make your new teeth. matter should be removed. Since this causes sensitivity in some of our patients, it requires anesthesia. You will not feel any pain or pain after anesthesia.

Will I be comfortable right away?
This type of prosthesis, which has a very high cost in terms of its natural and aesthetic appearance, is very short compared to other removable prostheses; It is finite with a day and sometimes a few weeks. At the end of this period, patients do not even realize that they have such a prosthesis in their mouth.

Will I have pain after my porcelain is fitted?
In the first week or two, the patients’ sensitivity to very cold and very hot foods and beverages is caused by cutting the teeth for a crown and bridge. However, adhesive materials developed in recent years have minimized this problem. However, if you still feel uncomfortable, you should avoid very cold and hot foods (within the first week or two) after your dentures are attached.

Will my speech change?
First of all, you may encounter difficulties in speaking and pronouncing some words for a few days on bridges built for aesthetic purposes. In order to overcome this difficulty as soon as possible, it will be sufficient to read aloud and repeat the words and syllables that you have difficulty with.

Will I be able to eat comfortably?
If there is no sensitivity after your teeth are fixed, you can eat whatever you want. Some of our patients do not use the side where the bridge or crown is attached. Do not make such a mistake. Because every prosthesis made for you, you can chew more properly; It has been made so that you can grind foods more conveniently. For this reason, do not neglect the chewing process with your prosthesis side.


No matter how trouble-free your prosthesis is, do not neglect your inspection at least twice a year (every six months).

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