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“Everything starts with your smile”


Life always tests us. The way that will bring health, success and peace in this seemingly endless test is to evaluate and confront the existing conditions objectively. It is having the audacity to change or gladly accept what we see as our shortcomings.

The positive effect of a smile and its benefits for human health are undeniable. It is obvious that those who do not miss the smile, which is described as the most suitable doctor, are more impressive individuals. Your smile plays the biggest role in your perception of yourself and the impact you have on those around you. Studies show that smiling is much more effective on the attraction between you and the opposite sex than physical characteristics such as eyes, hair and body type. Smiling is thought to have a valuable place in finding the right person.

Laughing is much more than you think. An impressive smile opens all the doors in front of you, washes all the roughness between you and a full, wealthy life. If you are not happy with your smile, it may be holding you back from embracing life fully and the opportunities that will come your way. There is a belief in society that people with nice teeth are more sociable. People with healthy and aesthetic teeth in business life can find a job or get a promotion more easily. A pleasant smile is seen by more than one as the golden key to success in business life. Unsightly teeth overshadow the rest of the exterior. In addition, studies reveal that smiling also has to do with hygiene. It is believed that the personal hygiene of people whose teeth look unhealthy may not be appropriate.

Are you ready for a new smile? You probably thought that if you had longer teeth, you would feel more confident in your professional life. Or you said that if I had whiter and brighter teeth, my social circle would be wider.

If you are not happy with your smile, it is probably time to have a new one. Well, are you sure that the teeth are the cause of the dissatisfaction in your smile?

If you are unhappy with your appearance, you actually know it. The challenge is to identify where there is a need for innovation. Most of us mistakenly think that our facial imperfections are due to our smile. In fact, the flaws may lie elsewhere. In this case, instead of dental treatment, plastic surgery or a new hairstyle or an actual make-up may be much more beneficial. Are you looking to change your smile? Are you ready to test yourself?

Yes No

  1. Are you confident when smiling?

  2. Have you ever covered your mouth with your hand while smiling?

  3. Does one side of your face look more photogenic than the other?

  4. Do you believe there is someone who smiles more than you?

  5. Do you envy the smiles of models in magazines?

  6. Do you have any problems with your teeth or gums when you look in the mirror?

  7. Would you like your teeth to be whiter?

  8. Are you happy with the appearance of your gums?

  9. Do your teeth show too little or too much when you smile?

  10. Do your gums show too little or too much when you laugh?

  11. Are your teeth too long or too short?

  12. Are your teeth too wide or too narrow?

  13. Are your teeth very angular or very round?

  14. Are you happy with your teeth?

If you said no to questions 1, 8 and 14, you are happy with your smile. Otherwise, keep reading.


What makes a smile pleasant?

If you are not happy with your smile and are looking for possibilities to change it, also check out the test you see below. The purpose of this test is to realize that the smile does not consist of only the front four or six teeth, but includes all the teeth and gingival tissue that are visible when speaking and in maximum laughing state. Knowing the elements of a pleasant smile will ensure that your long-term goals and dreams are aligned with the considered treatment plan while discussing your specific problems with your dentist.



  1. Do the tips of your teeth show in a light smile, including your teeth?

  2. Is the length of your central incisors in proper proportion to your other anterior teeth?

  3. Is the width of your central incisors in proper proportion to your other anterior teeth?

  4. Do you have gaps in the middle of your front teeth?

  5. Are your front teeth actually protruding?

  6. Are your front teeth crooked or overlapping each other?

  7. In a wide smile, are all your teeth the same light shade?

  8. If you have a filling in your front teeth, does it match the color of your teeth?

  9. Is one of your random teeth darker in color than others?

  10. Are your lower six anterior teeth straight and equal in length?

  11. Are your posterior teeth spotless, have previous repairs caused any negative discoloration?

  12. Do your teeth repairs – fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns look natural?

  13. Do you have any broken, cracked or worn teeth?

  14. Do you have a random unfilled tooth extraction space?


  15. Do your gums show when you smile broadly?

  16. Are your gums red and swollen?

  17. Do you have recession in your gums?

  18. Do your gums curve in a half-moon at the neck of each of your teeth?


  19. Is your mouth away from dental caries and gum diseases that cause bad odor?


  20. Do you have a random collapse in your chin and lip area?

  21. Does the middle border of your teeth pass through the middle border of your face?

  22. Is the form of your teeth compatible with the form of your face?

  23. Is the form of your teeth compatible with your general appearance, whether they are feminine or masculine?

*Ronald E Goldstein, Change your smile, Quintessence, fourth edition

The smile test is the evaluation of the harmony of your teeth with your lips and face in order to achieve an ideal smile. In the smile analysis, some basic criteria are evaluated and how your individual smile structure should be planned. It is determined which medical processes will be used for a natural, healthy and attractive smile.

  • Your age, gender, personality traits and lifestyle
  • Your laugh line
  • The health of your gums and the relationship between lips and gums
  • Tooth-gum relationship
  • Condition and size of your teeth
  • The contours and surface structures of your teeth
  • The harmony and symmetry of the line in the middle of your two front teeth, called the middle line, with your face.
  • Ratios of teeth to each other and as a group
  • The ratio of the size of the teeth to your face
  • Lip relationship with cutting edge
  • Crowded teeth and your alignment
  • The closure of your jaws and the position of your maxillofacial skeleton
  • Many criteria are taken into account, such as your old restorations and their treatment.

Therefore, it is not valuable for the teeth to be pleasant alone in Aesthetic Dentistry. The key word is harmony. Harmony with the face, harmony with the smile, harmony with the lifestyle….

I wish you healthy and bright days;


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