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Chip Breast Prosthesis

Considering the world population, it is known that 7-8 million women have breast prosthesis, although it is not an exact number. It is a very important number. Prostheses are used in various features and in different sizes for each tissue. Many women, unfortunately, lost their breasts due to breast cancer and had to use prostheses. There may be some problems during and after the application process of the prostheses used for the aesthetic view.

Silicone breast prostheses have been indispensable tools used by plastic surgeons in breast augmentation operations for many years. In the 2000s, they were used as prostheses filled with cohesive gel silicone with a rough structure and non-fluid, taking its final shape.

With technological investments, some changes in this rough structure have decreased the capsular contracture phenomenon that can be seen in silicones. Capsular contracture is a hardening or even malaise that occurs as a result of the production of a thick tissue around the silicone, which is perceived as a foreign body. By reducing this rough structure in its prostheses to a much more micro level, it succeeded in being rough so that fibroblasts could form this hard capsule, and had very low rates. In addition, with its ergonomic prosthesis type, the breast prosthesis, which is actually round in shape, provides a natural appearance by taking the form of drops in the patient. Drop prostheses are produced with a heavier and harder silicone called cohesive three in order to maintain the drop state. It also feels a little hard on the chest. This ergonomic prosthesis eliminates this problem, making it a very soft prosthesis. Therefore, since it does not feel hard on the chest, its use is preferred by the patient and the physician.

Another valuable feature of prostheses is that they have embedded a microchip inside the prosthesis. Thus, the microchip determines the identity of the prosthesis and measures the temperature increase. When the physician brings a chip reader in his hand close to the patient’s chest, he can learn all the features of the silicone, such as the model, year of manufacture and serial number, wherever he goes in the world. You do not need to carry a card, moreover, many patients lose these cards. Measuring the temperature rise is valuable for possible infection at an early stage. In the late period, we know that it is valuable in detecting possible temperature increases in breast cancer and that the company is in scientific studies to serve as an early detection tool on this issue. In other words, this type of prosthesis seems to be the reason for preference in the future.

As a plastic surgeon who follows innovations and is always open to self-development, I think that I am always open after proving reliability to the latest innovations and it is our duty to offer the convenience of technology to my patients.

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