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Common problems we encounter in Silicone Breast Implant application:

– Production of implants used for breast enlargement and shaping in accordance with standards,

must be transferred and applied on sterile bases. In determining these standards, the FDA (Food

and Drug Administration) approval should be sought. The brand of each implant, on what date, where and which

The volume, form and surface tissue properties of which it is produced with technology should be known by the patient and recorded.

should be taken. Despite the fact that manufacturing companies issue some documents specifying these features, many times

These documents are not kept regularly by the patients.

– The most valuable problems that can be encountered after application in silicone breast implants: in the early period

bleeding and infection. In the later period, it is characterized by fluid accumulation around the silicone.

seroma, and sometimes it is capsule contraction that can lead to significant issues. Rare spontaneous ruptures

(explosion, tearing of the implant in the tissue) promptly removing the implant and removing the tissues

requires cleaning.

– Breast silicones are produced in two physical forms: round and anatomically. anatomical implants,

It is preferred because it provides a more natural appearance. But it has an asymmetrical halo (drop)

Asymmetry, which is clearly evident from the outside, when they rotate or slide in the tissue because they are

and cause deformation. This issue is not encountered in round prostheses.

– Shell surfaces of silicone breast implants can be smooth and rough. Flat surface implants

While the rate of capsular contraction is higher, implants with a rough surface adhere better to the tissue,

The risk of capsular contraction is lower. However, in the long run, surface roughness may have an effect on the tissues.

may cause irritation and may lead to the development of different pictures.

What do New Generation Implants (Chip Implants) promise us?

The most valuable feature of chip breast implants is that they carry a digital identity on themselves. Your implant

These microchips on the implant show the volume, state, shell structure, date of manufacture, place of manufacture of the implant.

and carries information including the serial number. Thus, no matter how many years have passed since the operation performed,

This information can be accessed at any time by means of a detector held on the chest. On the other hand, chipped

The use of implants allows the patient to receive FDA-approved implants with a certain production quality.

demonstrates its implementation.

Obtaining diagnostic information

Another data obtained with the help of the detector held on the chest is the local body around the implant.

is the degree of temperature. Intra-tissue bleeding or infection, especially in the early postoperative period

When the presence of a local temperature increase with the help of the chip is suspected, the presence of an early diagnosis

supports its placement. Existence of chip implant technology: some technological developments in the future

provides room for development. Presumably, rupture of the implant shell, capsule contraction, or

In cases such as seroma development, it serves as an early warning system by following different indicators.

will see.

Dynamic form that changes according to position

Another advantage of the new generation chip breast implants is that they are manufactured with a so-called ‘super gel’ ingredient.

It is an ergonomic form. Ergonomic form breast implants, round and anatomical form breast

It appears as a third option other than implants. Implants in this form

shaped according to its position, for example, it takes the form of a drop when standing, lying on its back

When in position, it becomes round. Thus, the natural structure of the chest is imitated better.

These outer shells, produced with nano technology, are extremely reliable in terms of sealing. Exterior surface

While it has a wavy structure to adhere more appropriately to the surrounding tissue, irritation at the tissue level

It has smooth transitions that will not create

Rough but smooth surface

Another valuable change in the new generation of chip breast implants is on the outside. to the present

All implants produced until today are manufactured using outer shell, polyurethane or different considerations.

In the new generation implants, the content of the implant and the entire outer shell are only and purely used with nano technology.

Made of silicone.

Thanks to this feature; The capsule, which is a valuable problem in breast implant applications

contraction rate was reduced by 3 times. As a result, with the new generation chip breast implants,

Breast plastic surgeries continue to be performed more confidently and with lower complication rates.

will be.

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