Crack treatment (skin and birth cracks)


– Provides regeneration of aged and dry skin
– Increases collagen formation
– Increases blood circulation
– Allows dead cells to shed easily
– Can be used in many parts of the body (except under the eyes)
– Based on hundreds of years of acupuncture technology.
– It increases the effect of the serum by 40%, especially in people who use serum against hair loss.
Dermarolling also increases the effect of skin care products, and the absorption of active substances under the skin increases through the holes formed. As the skin holes are opened, the active elements in creams and care products are absorbed 40 times more than usual.

By increasing the benefit of Dermarolling skin care products;

– The effect and absorption of skin care products are further increased
– Stimulates new collagen formation
– Increases blood flow to the skin
– Provides easy shedding of accumulated dead cells
– Provides regeneration of aged dry skin
– Reduces lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, cellulite, blemishes and large holes, and more

Dermarolling advantages

– It is not painful
– In every part of the body; It can be applied to the face, neck, back and even the head.
– High quality steel needles for medical use are allergy free
– Much cheaper than many treatments
– Based on hundreds of years of acupuncture technology.

Dermaroler needles are available in four different diameters and sizes.

0.25 mm needles provide greater absorption of care artifacts

0.5 mm dermaroller

– Facial skin regeneration (rejuvenation)
– Wrinkle reduction
– Prevention of old age
– Used for sun damage removal

1mm Dermaroller

– Cellulite reduction
– Crack reduction and elimination
– Skin and facial rejuvenation wrinkle reduction
– Removal of skin blemishes

1.5mm Dermaroller

– Reduction and removal of scars such as surgery, acne burns
– Removal of indented, protruding and wide-hole leather

Rejuvenation without surgery

• reduction of fine lines
• compression stretching of the skin
• Reduction of acne and other scars
• Removal of cracks and skin loosening

How does the setup work?

Sterile small needles open small microchannels microtunneling to the lower layers of the skin. These small damages enable the skin to produce its own collagen by activating its own smoothing mechanism. Depending on the size of the application area, it can take from ten minutes to an hour. The result is fully received in the middle of three to nine months. The patient notices gradual improvement. Controlled studies have seen a 200% increase in collagen after 6-8 weeks. Collagen stimulation therapy; It is a non-ablative treatment without burning the cuticle.
The process can usually be done with the application of local anesthetic cream.

One hundred ;
It takes 20-25 minutes, after the process there is no pain, no known side effects. Only after the application, redness occurs on the face, there is no bleeding or wound. It is cleaned with ordinary cleaners and sunscreen is applied. You are only one afternoon away from social life. You can go to work the next day with a light make-up. Medium strength sunscreens will suffice.

Advantages of collagen stimulation therapy

• Treatment is painless with appropriate anesthesia
• Has a very short recovery period, can return to work in one day
• Processed only on the skin
• Does not cause permanent skin damage
• Reproducible until desired results are achieved with confidence
• It can also be applied to laser peeled skin.
• It can be applied in every skin area

How much treatment is needed?

It can be repeated annually for maximum effect after 4 treatments initially.

Comparison with other methods;

Advantages of scar treatment with Dermaroller

– Scar tissue stiffness is reduced
– Surrounding solid tissues are untouched
– Skin regaining its color
– Needling can be repeated
– Dented atrophic scars rise to the skin surface
– Scar edges become less obvious
– Good results are not obtained only in keloid scars.
– Scars with good results with Dermaroller: Acne scars, hair transplant scars, surgical surgery on the abdomen, breast surgery scars, burn scars. There are no side effects.


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