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It means peeling the skin surface by a mechanical process with the aim of reducing wrinkles, irregularities and wrinkles on the skin.

Dermabrasion Skin Peeling

During the dermabrasion process, a deep peeling is performed and the upper layer of the skin, namely the entire epidermis, and a part of the lower layer are peeled off by a mechanical process. Thanks to the cells remaining on the substrate, regeneration occurs on the skin. In this way, the newly formed skin has a more regular color and a smoother structure.

If this process is to be performed on large areas, anesthesia should definitely be applied. Since dermabrasion is a deeper peeling process, it gives much more effective results in correcting the depression that occurs after puberty acne. It gives much more suitable results than the effect of the chemical peeling process.

This process is not successful in reducing suture marks, removing fine wrinkles on the face, removing tattoos, and removing postpartum stains and cracks.

Regardless of gender or age, the Dermabrasion process can be applied to everyone. People with dark skin should consider that there may be permanent color changes and stains while doing this process. Dermabrasion is mostly not used in the treatment of these patients.
Anyone who is deemed appropriate by the physician can use this process for removing acne scar pits, and correcting blemishes and puffy or sunken blemishes on the skin.

Patients who prefer the dermabrasion process are mostly those who have complaints about acne scars. In such a case, applications give effective results in a few sessions at intervals of about 6 months. Direct contact with sunlight should be avoided for up to one year after the process.

Before Dermabrasion Skin Peeling

Depending on the area where the procedure will be performed, general or local anesthesia may be preferred. In general, it is a process that is applied not only to the problem area but to the whole face. The reason for doing this is to ensure that a one-to-one view is created on the entire face.

Skin Sanding Dermabrasion Application

Dermabrasion is performed with a tool in which the stone with a diamond emery on the tip is rotated rapidly with the help of motors.

It is normal to have swelling on the skin after the application. The treated individuals usually feel pain when chewing hard foods. These complaints begin to regress within a few days after the application. Crusting may occur in the area where the process is performed. It is absolutely not appropriate to shave or make up for about a week.

Laser Skin Peeling

Erbium laser and Co2 laser systems are used. Laser-preferred applications are more controlled and the beautification process is faster.

Before and After Dermabrasion

If smoking is used before the procedure, the medium should definitely be given. The Process is not done until the active pimples have healed. Blood thinners should not be used. The process takes about an hour, but applying only one session may not be enough.

After the application, antibiotic-treated gauze pads are placed on the wound. Depending on the depth of the application, new cell development is completed in the middle of 1 to 2 weeks and these glands adhered to the wound are shed over time. After 2 weeks, it is possible to return to normal life. Protection from the sun is the most serious action to take. The effect of the dermabrasion process occurs after about 3 months and the complaints may continue for up to a month.

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