Dermapen 4 treatment

With the introduction of dermapen in 2010, microneedling revolutionized as the first automatic technology. With the launch of the new and now dermapen 4, it has set a new standard for applications.

By opening 1920 micro-channels per second, it provides both rapid penetration of artifacts into the skin and patient comfort. The speed of the process and the standardization of the vibration feature provide this.
Thanks to the Dermapen 4 integrated bluetooth theme, its functions are always updated, which guarantees that the parameters are always correct.

Dermapen 4 ; Thanks to the new scar treatment adjustment head, it will provide a more precise and accurate working opportunity for sunken and high scars and acne scars on the body.

Dermapen 4; Thanks to its patented technology, it guarantees that the desired depth is worked precisely, precisely, without dragging, and provides a perfect needling process. By automatically calibrating the needle cartridge with the device, wear and tear and all other variables are taken into account in any operation. This ensures that the reliability and consistency of our treatments are of one-to-one quality.

In which situations is Dermapen 4 application used?

– It is a very powerful skin rejuvenation device: it is frequently used especially for skin tightening, pore narrowing, renewing sun damaged, stained, wrinkled skin.

-Acne (acne) treatment and acne scar treatment
– In the treatment of cracks; chest, arms, legs and hips, back of the knees, abdominal cracks
– In the treatment of color disorders called stain, pigmentation and dyschromia, and occasionally vitiligo
– Neck and décolleté tightening and fine line removal
– In the treatment of hair loss
– Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles
– It is used in the treatment of scars and stitches.

How is the application comfort?

In Dermapen 4, it is aimed to minimize the pain thanks to its effective face and vibration. 10 minutes before the process, the cream is applied and waited, then the process is applied.

How many sessions of dermapen application is required for which treatment?

An average of 3-6 sessions for skin renewal processes, which we call rejuvenation.
4-6 sessions for acne scar treatments
4-8 sessions for crack treatments
For pigmentation treatments, an average of 4-6 treatment sessions are required.

Can Dermapen treatments be combined with other treatments?

Dermapen treatments can be combined with all kinds of fillers, botox, mesotherapy, focused ultrasound applications that your dermatologist deems appropriate, and they can even increase the effects of each other.

What are the Dermapen treatment session intervals?

Session intervals are made at intervals of 2-4 weeks on average.
Depending on the specific situation of the patient, sometimes the session intervals can be extended.

After the treatment, when will the results start to be seen?

Typically, we start to see the difference after the first session, the long period and obviously the effect is easier to see after the third treatment, of course.

When does recovery and return to normal life occur after treatment?

You can return to social life during the same day as the treatment, and if some of our patients have more redness from time to time, we cover it with the appropriate concealer and help.

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