Dermatherapy (microneeding)

Dermatherapy is a treatment method that is effective in many skin problems such as anti-aging, acne scars, skin cracks, under-eye bags and bruises, skin spots, heavy hair loss in men and women.

Dermatherapy takes place with the emergence of two different applications. The first application is the dermaroller application. Dermaroller consists of many microneedles arranged symmetrically on a cylindrical drum. The lengths of the microneedles vary in the middle from 0.2mm to 2mm. The size of the microneedles is determined according to the physician’s decision, the type of skin problem and the application area. When Dermaroller is applied on the skin, the needles open approximately 300-400 microchannels per 1cm2. These microchannels are perceived by the skin as a wound, and the skin’s self-repair mechanism is naturally stimulated.

The microchannels formed during the Dermaroller application naturally close after approximately 15 minutes without leaving any traces. In other words, real micro doors are opened into the skin with dermaroller, after 15 minutes these doors naturally close thanks to the elasticity of the skin. The micro channels formed allow the solution applied to the skin to penetrate 200 times more into the skin.

The second step is based on the fact that the stem cell extract, which is normally found in our skin, but which decreases with age, is prepared with growth factors, biomimetic peptides and a very special technology.

The most basic mission of these elements is to ensure the proliferation of cells in the skin, as well as triggering the cells such as fibroblasts and keratinocytes to produce more elements such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Dermatherapy is a treatment method applied by doctors. The application period is about 30 minutes, and usually 8-10 sessions are recommended with 1-2 weeks of middle age. After the cure is over, the sessions to be done 1-2 times in 2-3 months with the doctor’s recommendation ensure the preservation of the youthful state of the skin.

Dermatherapy is applied in the treatment of wrinkles, hair loss, acne and burn scars, skin cracks, skin spots, regional thinning and cellulite.

A few hours after dermatherapy applications, the person can continue his normal life. It can be applied to all skin types. Since it does not cause sun sensitivity, there is no harm in doing it in summer.

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