Dermatocosmetic preparation for the wedding day

Dermatocosmetic Preparation for the Wedding Day…

Wedding day is the feast where couples want to look nicer than everyone else. On this holy day, the bride and groom try to prepare with tact and argument from all sides.

In particular, various care and applications can be made in order for the bride candidates to have a brighter, livelier and more pleasant skin on the wedding night, for the facial borders to become clear and for the groom candidates to have a rested and proportional face form.

We first listen to the complaints of the bride and groom candidates who apply to our pre-wedding clinic, and together we prepare a plan in the most adequate and accurate form so that they can look more pleasant and beautiful on their happy days after a detailed examination.

The procedures applied to the candidates who are recommended to apply to our clinic approximately 2-4 weeks before the wedding date are usually painless and may cause short-term redness or very mild swelling. It is recommended to carry out the processes 2-4 weeks before the wedding in order to prevent and eliminate this natural process or unwanted effects.

PRP for Face, Neck and Decollete…

Every woman can prefer PRP applications, which are rich in platelets and growth factors, which are separated from her own blood in order to look more attractive and pleasing in her dream wedding dress. In a 6-week period before the wedding, the number of cells in the skin increases with PRP application sessions applied to the face, neck, décolleté and hands, and by strengthening the synthesis of building blocks such as collagen and elastin, fullness, brightness, vitality and freshness are revealed in these areas. The pores on the skin shrink, the ability to retain moisture and elasticity increase, and the skin quality increases due to the regeneration of blemishes.

Botox should be done 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

Those who think that botox application can only be used by middle age and is a privilege for women are mistaken because the fine lines on the face of young people can be resolved with “botox” applications. The application needs to be done by planning about 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

Sweating is now under control

You can also have a test before the wedding for excessive sweating, which relieves the bride and groom from their distress.

Captivate with the filling…

Filling containing hyaluronic acid can be applied to cheeks and cheekbones, small chins, which need to be voluminous on the face, so that the defects can be removed and the face can look more attractive. With the light filling made to make the under-eye bruises and depressions very adequate, it will look very smooth without even applying concealer. Thin, small and dry-looking lips will be more lively, obvious and attractive with their fillings.

Filling injections also provide a practical solution for bride and groom candidates who do not like the nasal view or are afraid of surgery. With nasal filling, the arched nose can be straightened and the tip of the nose can be lifted slowly.

Revitalize your hair

In our clinic, we offer different treatment options such as mesotherapy and PRP for lush, shining and healthy hair. In hair mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cocktails that smooth blood circulation are prepared and applied to the scalp with very fine needles to make the hair bulbs located 2-4 mm under the skin healthier. As a result of this process, the hair will be nourished and strengthened, and the bride and groom candidates will have brighter, lively and lush hair.

It is the ideal for the grooms who are planning a hair transplant to have this done at the earliest 6 months before the wedding.

Don’t forget laser hair removal!

With laser epilation, which can be started quickly before the wedding or months before the wedding in our clinic, unwanted hair can be permanently removed on the face, armpits, genital area, legs, arms or any part of the body. For this, laser epilation planning is made for the individual who applies to our clinic. Groom candidates and men also use this formula to get rid of hair in the armpits, cheeks, around the ears, cheeks and neck areas.

Get started with medical care…

Cocktails containing hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which increase the water retention capacity of the skin, increase the regeneration growth capacity of the cells and increase the oxygen rate in the skin, are prepared in order to make the aging skin and subcutaneous tissue of brides over the age of 25 appear more lively, tense, natural and bright. is injected under the skin. After an average of 45 minutes, spots on the skin, enlarged pores, lubrication irregularities and sagging can be treated. With chemical peelings applied according to the season in medical skin care , the thickness of the dead layer on the skin is reduced and the skin gains brightness and vitality .

Pleasure with the Thread of Youth…

The thread face lift formula, which is preferred mostly for individuals with mild sagging, can be applied to the patient with face and length sagging under local anesthesia 2-4 months before the wedding and in approximately 45 minutes. In order for the process to show its full effect, the application must be done 2-3 months before the wedding date. In this application, a facelift with threads containing polylactic acid, which is compatible with human tissue placed under the skin, shows a rapid recovery effect. In particular, Spider Web aesthetics, combined with fat injections, helps us to create a clear contour border. It is a proven new treatment method to eliminate the effects of volume loss and skin sagging with youth thread. It is the most beautiful method used especially in middle and lower face problems. It can be combined with other applications such as PDO thread and/or Botox, filling. It reduces the frequency and doses of Botox and fillers used. Youth Thread can be applied simply and without incision with various techniques in the cheek area, nose edge lines and eyebrow lifting.

Permanent Makeup Comfort!

Permanent make-up, called micropigmentation, is the art of placing dyes under the skin to the needed area, in accordance with the color of the skin, eyebrows and eyes, with fine-tipped caps. Permanent make-up has become a very preferred application by providing great comfort to women who frequently need care such as make-up renewal. It is also used for drawing nipples in mastectomies, as it is used for camouflage in permanent make-up, trauma, burns and post-operative scars on the skin surface.

Permanent make-up gives you a much more natural look, as it is made by giving a completely natural hair effect with the Hair technique, which is one of the latest techniques that has become widespread recently and has become almost the favorite of women.

Brides will have more attractive eyebrows, eyelids and lips with the application of permanent make-up, which is planned to be made 2-3 months before the wedding and the permanence period is 2-3 years.

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