DHI Hair Transplant Turkey 

The Dhi method, also known as the Direct hair implant name, eliminates problems such as stitch marks or incision marks. The most important aim in this application is to minimize the time taken out from the rear grafts and to make them become stronger.

How is DHI Method applied?

The Dhi technique is not incised in any way. Channel formation is made easier and more professional with fine-tipped needles. This makes it possible for the grafts to be placed more tightly and continuously.

Who Can Be Applied of DHI Method?

It can be applied to all patients face to face with hair loss problem.

What are the advantages of DHI Method?

The natural look is more powerful and it is also possible to make a tighter planting. When we look at the waiting process of hair follicles, we can see that this process is less than other treatment methods and this detail minimizes the loss of hair follicles.

The angle of the hair follicles is more easily determined. Direct sowing of the area is possible with this treatment method.

Are the disadvantages of the Dhi Method?

Since it is a new method, it is more expensive than other treatment methods. It is an operation performed without a scalpel, but it should be noted that there is a risk of infection. Currently, it cannot be applied in many clinics.

DHI No Touch Technique for Hair Transplantation

DHI no touch, which is one of the popular practices of the last period, can be defined as direct hair transplantation without touching the living part of the root in any way. The removal of the roots can be done manually or with the aid of a device and is not different from other methods in this context.

Who Can Be Applied DHI No Touch Method?

It can be applied to everyone who has regional hair loss problem and it is important to mention that it has an important place in the treatment of male hair loss.

What are the advantages of DHI No Touch Method?

Hair transplantation is performed faster and more frequently.

One of the most important advantages is that the intact hair follicles will not be damaged in any way during transport.

The retention rate of the hair follicles is higher than the other methods.

There will be no signs of scarring or scarring after treatment of hair transplantation.

The donor is one of the least damaged applications.



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