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Does the teeth whitening process damage the teeth?

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“No matter how hard I brush, it doesn’t turn white!” Do you often ask yourself this question? Just as each individual has his own unique hair and eye color, he also has tooth color. But if you are not happy with your current tooth color, you should have teeth whitening treatment to have whiter teeth.

Is teeth whitening treatment wasteful?

Many materials and ways about teeth whitening have been published on the Internet recently. “Are the ways of teeth whitening on the Internet wasteful? Will teeth whitening materials harm my teeth?” Many of our patients consult us with their questions.

For example; Ways such as whitening teeth with baking soda, whitening teeth with lemon, whitening teeth with vinegar will damage your tooth structure. These issues will damage the enamel of your teeth due to their acidity, causing a lot of sensitivity and a tendency to caries. At the same time, abrasive dusts will cause scratches on your teeth and the whiteness it provides will return with a worse coloration in a short time.

For a healthy teeth whitening treatment, you can apply the teeth whitening treatment recommended by your dentist according to your tooth structure.

First of all, your current tooth color will be determined by your dentist with a color measurement device and what color you can obtain after the teeth whitening process will be determined. Your teeth will be whitened by activating special tooth whiteners with drugs under the supervision of the dentist.

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