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Don’t Forget The Flu!

Who are the clusters to watch out for because of the flu? Atabay İlaç Medical Manager Specialist Dr. Murat Yaycı emphasized that the flu disease, which can lead to serious consequences, should be taken seriously. Yaycı underlined that the disease can progress much more severely, especially in some risk clusters, and that special precautions should be taken for these risk clusters.

Influenza or with its medical name, influenza is a disease that affects approximately 3-5 million people in the world every year. The influenza virus, which causes 250-500,000 deaths per year, is transmitted through droplets. Pointing out that a large number of droplets containing the virus spread around with coughing and sneezing, Specialist Dr. Murat Yaycı said, “Every individual who comes into contact with these droplets is infected with the disease. Everyone who has the flu should start early treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Especially in some risk clusters, the disease progresses more severely. “These people need to take the disease more seriously,” he said.

How does the flu go?

Murat Yaycı listed the clusters in which the flu disease is severe as follows;

  • Newborns and children under 5 years old (especially babies under 2 years old)
  • people over 65 years old
  • pregnant women
  • Those with chronic diseases such as asthma, heart problems or lung disease
  • Extremely obese people
  • People with weakened immune system
  • Persons staying in care accommodation

Protection is as valuable as cure

Emphasizing that early treatment is a must in influenza disease, Murat Yaycı said, “Antiviral treatment should be used as a preventative, especially in individuals in the risk group. If one of the risk clusters mentioned has come into close contact with a flu patient in a residential or work environment, these people should receive antiviral treatment for at least 10 days. Because the risk of death is 6.3 times higher in people over the age of 65 who are hospitalized due to the flu. The risk of death of babies carried by pregnant women with flu is 3.6 times, and the risk of death in obese individuals with flu is doubled. In all of these risk clusters, quickly, the flu is pretty severe. Conservation is as important as treatment in these clusters,” he said. (BSHA-Science and Health News Agency)

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