Don’t let sun spots spoil your skin beauty…

In the summer, everyone wants to take advantage of the sea, sand and sun trio. Especially from the sun. However, the most valuable of the unwanted side effects of the sun, which is extremely beneficial for our body, is sunspots.

The benefits of the sun, which has a valuable place in our mental and physical health and is the power source of our world, for quality life are indisputable. However, besides its benefits, the sun can also cause many damage to our body. This season is a period that needs special attention in terms of both purifying our skin from the negative effects of summer and preparing our skin for winter and cold.

Autumn months are very precious for our skin;

No matter how old you are, solar aging; It is a series of events that develop at the molecular level in all vulnerable skin that has surrendered to the sun, and it occurs as a result of the release of free radicals and the event called oxidation. Premature aging is inevitable. When we say beach, pool, sea and sun on holiday, we forget the damage they cause to our skin, hair and body and surrender to the sun. The truth is that all the damage that human skin sees in the summer comes out in the autumn months, and this time we find ourselves making plans to recover in a short time and regain a healthy appearance, while the radiance of the bronze skin is gone.

Wrinkles on the skin, disruption in cell renewal, sunspots caused by the deterioration of stability as a result of the hard work of melanin pigment, thickening and loss of moisture on the skin as a defense mechanism-dryness, freckles, increase in acne (It can be thought that acne is treated with the effect of sun and sea water, but in reality it is reduced. Ultraviolet rays dry the skin and regulate oil production, but acne may increase with the change of climate. In acne-prone skin, which first feels very dry and then too oily, the problem may worsen if no treatment is applied),

Capillary enlargement, varicose veins,

Loss of skin elasticity and sagging,

Dryness and dulling of hair, rapid breakage, dandruff (Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, salt in sea water and chlorine in pools are valuable factors in this),

The signs of premature aging, such as thinning and yellowing of the nails, are also caused by direct sunlight.

At the same time, it is necessary to protect and strengthen the skin against factors such as sudden weather changes, cold weather, wind and rain.

In order to eliminate the appearance of dry and tense skin, the use of daily care products suitable for the season and the current needs of the skin, using daily care products, and moisturizing our skin, which acts as a barrier, but with products suitable for its structure, negative external factors can be prevented from reaching the subcutaneous tissue. For this reason, the use of humidifiers in winter is very valuable. Soy, green tea, regenerating mask, fruit mask with vitamins, antioxidant masks and moisture masks meet the needs of the skin to a great extent. In addition, it is seen that sunscreens are not used, considering that they are not usually necessary in winter. This is wrong, it should never be used, but it is preferred to be suitable for the season again. It is known that residential care works should never be used with the offer of a physician, and misused works increase the issues rather than treat them.

The process and details applied within a protocol determined by the physician according to the need of the skin are as follows;

Skin care; skin care with products that are suitable for the problem and skin structure restores the lost moisture to the skin,

oxygen therapy; Provides a lively and healthy skin appearance with a sensitive, effective and reliable formula in the signs of photoaging, in every situation where skin moisture decreases,

Peels; The carbon solution used in the application of carbon peeling is placed into the pores with microsecond pulses and these points are made purposeful. With the nanosecond pulses made afterwards, these particles are completely detonated and cleaned. A noticeable shine is seen on the skin immediately after application. It provides a very effective treatment in sunspots and melasma (spotting with hormonal effects). The fact that it can be applied in all seasons and can be done even on the most sensitive skin provides an important advantage in the treatment.

Fractional carbon dioxide laser; It is a treatment used in acne scars, stretch marks, removal of moles, sagging, scars, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, as well as in regulating skin color. It is especially preferred for superficial stains.

Water peeling; With its peeling function using low-frequency ultrasound, it removes dead cells, a lot of sebum, pollutants in the air, such as make-up and other wasteful matters, and while doing this, there is no interruption in one’s social life. Even in the first session, you will see that the oil buttons and black spots on your skin have disappeared. The application with water does not harm the skin, but brings instant relief and vitality.

Apart from these, chemical peels and enzymatic peels are also the process of removing the upper layer of the skin in order to purify it from dead cells.

In particular, peelings are useful in removing sunspots, wrinkles and acne scars, and in controlling the moisture and oil stability of the skin. It gives the skin a lively and homogeneous appearance.

Youth vaccination; Thanks to the pure hyaluronic acid used, it adds moisture to the skin and contributes to the treatment of blemishes. It is made in 3 doses.

PRP; (Platelet rich plasma) can be used as a supplement in the treatment of stains, thanks to its ability to moisturize the skin and accelerate the beautification in damaged areas. 3-4 sessions are applied in the middle of 2 weeks.

Mesolifting; to the face; it provides moisture, fullness, tension, color and shine, instantly providing a lively and youthful appearance,

Hyaluronic Acid applications; It is one of the techniques used in the skin’s moisture stability, regeneration and structuring,

Needle Radio Frequency; It is an application used in applications such as skin rejuvenation, recovery, scar and spot treatment,

Radio Frequency and Ultra Skin methods; With Radio Frequency and Ultra Skin skin rejuvenation, sagging and wrinkles that occur due to the loss of skin elasticity, such as eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, rim, face contour, chin border and jowl area and around the eyes, are provided without a surgical process, and rejuvenation is achieved,

Eye Mesotherapy and special eye peels; are the ways used for detention bruises and bags,

Hair Mesotherapy and PRPs; It is a procedure that can be used in areas with fine and deep wrinkles on the face, scars, cracks, hair loss, tightening the skin tone, and reducing the aging marks on the decollete, arm and hand.

It is used in laser skin rejuvenation, loss of elasticity, spots, enlargement of skin pores.

It should not be forgotten that the sun is not only a danger in summer, on vacation or during winter sports, but also in our daily life, in winter, and it is a danger that needs to be protected and precautions should be taken. Protective measures against the sun, which is indispensable for a quality life, have gained even more importance in recent years, especially in the last years when the ozone layer has thinned.

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