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Due to 3 active viruses, a new epidemic is at the door in the middle of children

Noting that this year, children, especially those born during the pandemic, are more severely affected by virus infections, Pediatric Chest Diseases Specialist and Leader of the Yes Health Association, Prof. Dr. Elif Dağlı said that Influenza A, known as swine flu in the public, is very common in Turkey, besides, the virus that causes respiratory tract infection called bronchiolitis is encountered very frequently, and that Kovid is expected to rise in December. He said viral infections are at the door.

“Hospital beds in the USA are completely full”

Pointing out that influenza A is much more common in our country than it was in 2009, Prof. Dr. Dağlı said, “The hospital beds in the USA are completely full. Children’s beds make up 30 percent of them, which is at an unprecedented level. When we look at the reason, it is seen that Kovid has started to rise again. In addition, we call RSV, the virus that causes bronchiolitis in small babies. And on top of that, Influenza A has been added. The fact that 3 different microbes are increasing at the same time makes us think of the triple epidemic we call ‘Triplemia’. The USA is very afraid of this right now. Could it be us too? Kovid has not spread much now, but there are assumptions that it will rise in December He said.


Participation of viruses doubled the danger

According to the news of DHA; Pointing out that RSV has the ability to “collaborate” with Influenza A and cause more severe lung infections, Prof. Dr. Dağlı said, “RSV usually causes bronchiolitis. It is a picture with wheezing similar to an asthma attack, with signs of fever and fatigue. On the other hand, Influenza A is currently an epidemic in our country. We see at least a few incidents a day. Scientists have shown this with a study. Influenza A enters the cell more easily by using the upper sheath of RSV. The immune system does not recognize Influenza because it recognizes it, but the virus achieves this by using RSV. Moreover, influenza normally only uses the upper respiratory tract. While they can settle in their way, they can use this feature of RSV, which can enter very remote corners of the lung, and reach the capacity to cause pneumonia. This year, we are witnessing the finding of influenza A in one-to-one patients with RSV. We find this in many of our patients in Turkey as well. The biggest problem of scientists is that if this association continues, this virus will start to become a different virus. can; A third virus may emerge, which may become more dangerous than before and cause epidemics that may continue for longer periods.

Mentioning that if this situation is not brought under control now, much more problematic days may arise when winter comes. Dr. Dağlı said, “We are afraid that if we do not take this under control at the moment, we may also experience double-triple epidemics. Now Kovid is not very common, I hope not, but if it does, they can merge.”

“The babies of the epidemic period were affected first”

prof. Dr. Dağlı said that this year, firstly, children in the 3-4 year old group were affected a lot by virus infections, and the reason for this was that the immune systems of these age group children, whose infancy coincided with the pandemic period, did not develop enough resistance because they grew up in isolation. We see infections more often. Because these children grew up in the house during the pandemic, these germs did not recognize their bodies before. The germs first caught these kindergarten children, and now it’s the turn of older children who have not been vaccinated against the flu. We closed during the pandemic, we opened during the pandemic, that year suddenly the other “The germs started to appear, and we were on top of it this year, and the infections became more severe. This cannot continue, because no system can cope with this burden. We have to prevent it, because it does not end with treating it,” he said.

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“Schools are like an epidemic paradise”

“Schools are unfortunately in an epidemic paradise. Do not send your sick child to school, regardless of the reason, even if he has a weak nose, runny nose, etc., even if he has a low fever. Then the other children get sick, then the teachers, then the process enters a vicious circle,” said Prof. Dr. Dağlı said, “I know from my own patients that some of them are having a very severe illness and we are hospitalized. This situation regarding children’s beds is very unexpected. Normally, adult beds are full. Very few children were hospitalized in Kovid. On the contrary, things started to turn. In this epidemic. Medicine is not enough for this. We detected Influenza in one of my patients recently, we could not find any medicine. There is no medicine left in the market. We must not touch our face without washing our hands, we introduce microbes into the body through the mouth and nose through the place we touch. It is very valuable not to attend crowded meetings in these months. Not to have close contact “I wish we hadn’t taken off the mask, because the mask protected us not only from Kovid but also from other microbes. There is another issue, unfortunately, we did not get the flu vaccine properly. Apart from those in the risk group, families who wanted it could also have their children vaccinated against the flu,” he said.


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